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Professional Services: How Remote Virtual Assistants Boost Business Success

Professional Services: How Remote Virtual Assistants Boost Business Success

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Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups working in professional services stand to benefit from remote virtual assistants, who can handle much of the routine tasks that such businesses rely on. Virtual assistants can manage schedules, data entry, and basic bookkeeping, among other things, freeing up time for the rest of the team.

What are professional services?

Professional services are intangible products sold to help clients manage certain parts of their business. Professional service businesses provide specialized knowledge and expertise such as accounting, marketing, or legal services. By entrusting service tasks to professionals, business owners can focus on core business functions. Not only can you count on getting your virtual office tasks done properly, but also count on your VA’s accountability for results.
With more professional service owners like you scaling their businesses, more remote virtual assistants are being tapped to handle operational tasks and maintenance including recording of sales and expenses, virtual record-keeping, and virtual monitoring of projects.

What industry subsectors can benefit from hiring a VA?

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Some remote virtual assistants offer skilled services to cater to specific professional service subsectors. As a result, more professional service owners, business startups, and SMEs are hiring VAs to help them manage these tasks.
The following areas can benefit from hiring remote virtual assistants:

IT Professional Services

Thanks to Digital Marketing advancement and Social Media Marketing (SMM), web design and maintenance support many professional services firms. As IT professionals, you can delegate the following tasks to your remote virtual assistants:

  • Set up collaboration platforms or other business-related software
  • Monitor digital sales and tracking tools
  • Help identify sales opportunities and prospects
  • Assist in client or supplier communication and acquisition

With your virtual assistants taking care of your routine and menial tasks, you can focus more on increasing and improving the acquisition, conversion, and retention of existing and prospective customers.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Professional financial services cater to financial auditing, payroll, and tax preparation services. They can also include bookkeeping and preparation and analysis of financial statements. To avoid tax-related problems, many businesses contract trusted professional services agencies to sort financial information and file tax returns.

Platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks offer training and certification programs to prepare virtual assistants to handle basic bookkeeping and financial reports. VAs with this sort of training can work as financial analysts, cost clerks, and cost accountants to professional service organizations.
By leaving these basic accounting tasks to a virtual assistant, you can spend more time getting more clients,  delivering reports, and offering consultations.

Management Consulting

This subsector involves inter-departmental tasks, spanning consultations for human resources, marketing, administrative and general management, business processes, and logistics.
Professional services firms offering this can benefit from dedicated virtual assistants who can provide administrative support among teams and clients, or executive support to specific workers. This can be vital in staying on schedule and retaining clients.

What are the roles that professional services firms can delegate to a dedicated assistant?

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A 2021 report on Management Consulting Services found an 8% increase in this market in 2025 compared to 2021. If this trend continues, professional service owners like you should employ dedicated virtual assistants to manage operations and tasks in these three areas so you can focus on boosting your sales and business success.

  • Administrative Virtual Assistants

    Your administrative VA can take care of the duties of a secretary⁠—albeit virtually. This includes answering your phone calls, booking travel arrangements, managing appointments, and providing you with timely reminders. VAs with office and data entry experience enable you to perform your more important duties of meeting clients and closing deals.

  • Marketing VAs

    Marketing services focus on market research and generating leads. This can be achieved by planning and implementing effective paid ads and LinkedIn B2B marketing. Marketing virtual assistants can also help with SEM Campaigns and content marketing campaigns to increase conversions, traffic, and create future marketing strategies.

  • Customer Service Remote Assistants

    Another area where professional services have expanded significantly is customer service. VAs can help your customers use your products and services more easily, ensuring a positive experience with your business.

    Remote virtual assistants can handle most customer service tasks to free professionals like you to attend to your core functions of consulting that drive value and deliver favorable results for your clients. After all, you can get more clients and their patronage if you provide valuable service to them. One that empowers them to manage projects efficiently, mitigate risks quickly, and respond to escalations as soon as they happen.

How do I hire a VA for my professional service business?

Magic works hard to provide the perfect virtual assistant you need. With just one call to discuss the specifics of your job order, we can screen candidates from our teams of virtual assistants to get the top VAs that fit your requirements. You can expect a match-up within 72 hours of your call!

Increase your management and marketing productivity and efficiency when you hire Magic remote virtual assistants for your professional services. Call us to schedule a meeting now.

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