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Calendar Manager: 12 Pro-Tips To Do Calendar Management Right

Calendar Manager: 12 Pro-Tips To Do Calendar Management Right

Calendar Management Tips

Time is precious and with so many things to do, startup and small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners have to use it efficiently to maximize their productivity. To help you remember schedules and meetings, hire a calendar manager to keep your schedule organized using the best calendar apps suited to how you work.

Balance and streamline duties and responsibilities so you ensure that you’re productive and healthy at the same time. Get the most out of each workday by making sure that you covered all your bases by attending your conferences, online and offline meetings, and other appointments.

What is calendar management?

Calendar management requires a systematic organization of meetings, events, and duties to maximize the ROI you can get overtime. It covers essential tasks like planning meetings and addressing requests while allowing you time to deal with long-term strategic work. As such, it affects your day-to-day success as well as your company’s big-picture growth.

To succeed at calendar management, your virtual calendar assistant should have these two processes mastered:

  • Priority Management – Classifying tasks according to their order of importance lets you know what to focus on first, second or third, and so on. This way, you can finish any crucial tasks before spending time on less pressing ones. It also helps assess if you need to delegate some tasks to others so keep within the set schedule.
  • Time Management – A well-managed calendar ensures efficient and strategic time allocation. Getting this done properly lays the fundamentals for achievement, collaboration, organization, and insight. How well your calendar manager manages calendar appointments increases your productivity and ability to deal with many aspects of your business.

12 Pro-Tips To Manage A Calendar Effectively

Magic Assistant

If time permits, you can take charge of your calendar with these twelve calendar management tips. However, if you’re short on time to organize your schedule, it’s best to leave this role to a calendar manager. As your business grows, you’ll find that having a virtual assistant to organize your priorities makes you more productive.

Pro-Tip # 1:  Set Precise Meeting Schedules

Effective calendar management sets meeting durations depending on the agenda of each meeting. Ideally, meetings should last from 15 to 45 minutes. However, planning and brainstorming can take around 30 minutes. Consider how long exactly a meeting should take and it can save critical time on your appointments for the day. You can use the saved time to catch up on emails, prepare notes for the meeting, or grab a quick meal.

Pro-Tip # 2:  Use an Automated Meeting Setup Platform

Manage your calendar with a suitable calendar management software like Google Workspace. It allows you to get things done in one place. This tool provides all productivity and collaboration tool needs such as Drive, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Meet, and more. It’s convenient for home, work, and classroom needs. It makes communicating, creating, and collaborating so easy.

Pro-Tip # 3:  Give the Pomodoro Technique a Go

The Pomodoro technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 90s. It’s a productivity method that breaks down large tasks into smaller ones, establishing a pattern of work and rest. It encourages that you work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. After completing four cycles of this, you’re to take a longer break. This method is expected to keep you very focused during the 25 work sprint so you reward yourself with a 5-minute break after. This continues until you complete your task.

You can use any timer for this technique. Or you can use tools like Marinara Timer and Focus 10. These tools are compatible with laptops, computers, and mobile devices. You can track your time and boost productivity by combining your timer and this technique.

Pro-Tip # 4:  Create Gaps For Meeting Transitions

Don’t set meetings and tasks back to back. Though you think this is optimizing your precious time, allow gaps between meetings and projects. There are unplanned commitments that pop up and need your prompt answers or actions. Plus, urgent emails that need your approval before your team members can move to the next phase of the project. Breaks between meetings allow you to do small but urgent tasks.

Pro-Tip # 5:  Choose a Calendar Management Tool

Manage your calendar with a suitable tool like Google Calendar. These tools let you set your availability and make appointment setting easier as it emails a link to other people. They can just click your link and set an appointment with you on one of your available slots. Or you can just create an appointment and include the email addresses of the attendees. This automatically sends an email notification for all participants to confirm or decline. Plus, you can refer back to the email to click the link and you’ll be redirected to the virtual meeting room.

Canva also has templates and features that help you create your own calendar. This way, you can design one that works best for your needs. There are even read-made templates that you can customize with your color palette, brand logo, and graphics.

Pro-Tip # 6:  Set time for Planning

Yes, planning needs to be included in your schedule since it’s also a task. Setting a time to plan for the short and long-term details of your schedule saves you time and stress in the future. Allow some leeway for uncertain sections and readjust as needed. Proper planning ensures that you have enough time to accomplish your essential tasks.

Pro-Tip # 7:  Choose a Calendar App

Calendar management is challenging, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of meetings and appointments. To make it easier for you, choose tools like Trello, Fantastical, and Woven. These apps allow you to plan your work daily and block the times that you have meetings and appointments. Thereby, eliminating overlaps in schedules. It ultimately helps you to balance your work and personal life.

Calendar Management for Small Business

Pro-Tip # 8:  Use Reminders

Most calendar management tools allow you to set reminders. So take advantage of this feature that sends you a digital nudge whenever you need to do a task like a call to reserve a spot at a restaurant. Launching reminders is as simple as clicking an empty slot, inputting a new event, and ticking the reminder box. You’ll receive a reminder at your selected time so you can do the task. Mark each task as you complete it so you know that you’re done with it. The reminder feature ensures that you do even the smallest tasks, thus preventing these tasks from becoming blockers on your to-do list.

Pro-Tip # 9:  Add Time Zones

Remote work has opened the doors to working with people in different time zones. So, use a calendar platform that allows adding time zones. This removes or reduces time confusion like your client’s 10:00 PM and your 2:00 PM. Even better, you can change the time zone for a particular calendar to indicate work or family calendar. It’s very useful whenever you travel abroad and you need to check back to your work and family at home.

Pro-Tip # 10:  Print Your Calendar

Though you can have a digital calendar, printing it out is still a great option. It allows you to hold it in your hand and mark them as you please. These serve as tangible reminders of the tasks you need to complete. For busy business owners who are busy and have many meetings and commitments, printed calendars can still quite useful.

Pro-Tip # 11:  Check for CMS and Chat Integration

You can get help with scheduling meetings by connecting to other platforms such as a content management system (CMS) or chat app. Use a proactive content management strategy to keep up-to-date appointments and ensure that you don’t book two meetings at the same time. Plus, you can track your content operation while keeping your commitments organized.

Pro-Tip # 12:  Audit Past Calendars

An executive calendar is best reviewed regularly – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This is to see if you made mistakes that you can correct and improve to optimize calendar management. Auditing past calendars allow you to evaluate your wins and losses and pave the way to improved calendar management.

Why hire Magic assistants for this task?

Magic has a team of virtual assistants that can assist in your business operations. Tasks like calendar and email management and managing the productivity calendar are just a few of calendaring duties that a Magic calendar manager can do for you. They are even updated with technical know-how such as scheduling tips and tricks to employ for more efficient management. Plus, you can scale up or down on virtual assistants depending on your needs.

If you’re looking to hire a calendar manager to take care of your calendar management needs, contact Magic.  Check out the Magic hiring guide for the specific processes. But feel free to skip that and just give us a call to hire a Magic assistant today.

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