Find Talented And Reliable Remote Virtual Assistants With Magic​ - Magic Virtual Assistant

Find Talented And Reliable Remote Virtual Assistants With Magic​


Get Matched With A Virtual Assistant In 72 Hours

Let Magic handle the sourcing and screening of assistants depending on your requirements. Let’s discuss your needs today!

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The Skills You Need, When You Need Them

Magic Dedicated Assistants can fulfill a wide range of roles. We can find you an assistant to fill a gap in your workflows, or find you a fully remote team.

Customer Service

• Answer client requests via phone, email, and social media
• Organize and maintain client database
• Clean up databases such as HubSpot, SalesForce, Zoho, and the like
• Set appointments
• Use tools like Zendesk
…and more!

Project Management

    • Handle internal coordination within teams
    • Provide admin support
    • Manage calendar
    • Set appointments and meetings
    • Organize and answer emails
    …and more!


      • Plan a social media content calendar
      • Build a digital network to gain followers or clients
      • Manage social media groups, ads, content, and outreach
      • Write basic blog posts and articles
      • Create community engagement strategies
      …and more!


      • Generate leads
      • Fulfill lead touch and lead qualification tasks
      • Conduct cold callings
      • Open and close sales
      • Write and send follow-up emails
      …and more!

        Get matched with the best talent

        Your Needs First

        We can find you any type of assistant you need to support and grow your business

        Get an assistant in 72 hours

        We’ll find you a candidate based on your specs in 72 hours.

        Rigorous Sourcing & Screening

        All candidates are rigorously screened. We go through hundreds of candidates to find you the best match.

        Flexible and Scalable

        Finding new assistants or adjusting their scheduled hours is quick and easy.

        Trusted by Growing Brands & Businesses


        I had so many tasks that never got done because they required a lot of time or frankly were detail work that I just didn’t want to do. With Magic, I know it will get done timely and they genuinely care about doing a great job. It’s a real relief to be able to give those tasks as they come up to Magic. Now they get done right away, and I have more time for tasks that only I can do! Thanks Magic!


        [Magic] allows me to… develop better relationships, handle clients better, [and] create an overall better customer experience. The assistants are getting along with the rest of the company, they’re producing good results.


        As an entrepreneur, having access to a virtual assistant that’s not a full time employee and is scalable to the required workload and tasking, allows me to focus on building my business.
        Simply offloading tasks either business or personal is a massive time saver.

        The New York Times

        Best In Biz Awards 2021 International Awardee

        Magic, Inc. has been named the winner in the Enterprise Service category in Best in Biz Awards 2021 International, the only independent global business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world.

        Take your business to new heights.

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