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We save
you time

We source, screen, and hire assistants so you don’t have to. Since 2015, we’ve sourced and screened over 10,000 assistants.

Top candidates that match your needs.

Dedicated Assistants are pre-screened and handpicked for your business.

No long-term commitment.

We bill weekly, every Friday. No contracts or annual commitments.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We’ll find you a Dedicated Assistant based on your specs within 72 hours.

Only $10 an hour.

No monthly or yearly commitment. If your assistant isn’t a perfect fit we’ll find you an alternative.

Specialized Assistants

Different Skills for different needs

We can find you any assistant you need to support and grow your business, including:

Administrative Assistant

Popular tasks: data entry, account management, processing invoices

Executive Assistant

Popular tasks: handling email, booking appointments

Sales Assistant

Popular tasks: lead generation, lead qualification

Marketing Assistant

Popular tasks: social media management

thrive with Magic

Case Studies

We go through

Hundreds of candidates to find you the best one

1. In-depth questionnaire

We make sure the candidate passes our thorough interview questionnaire.

2. Initial Screening

Based on the candidate’s resume and interview, we screen them and rate their qualifications.

3. Matching with client (2nd screening)

When you need an assistant, we interview the candidate again. We explain the job and screen for specific skills and characteristics. If it’s a good fit, we match them with you.

Adding people to your team made easy

We get your assistant in 72 hours.

Just tell us what you need.


How do I work with my assistant?

Any way you’d like! Your assistant can hop into any app or workflow you’re already using. For example, if you communicate primarily via email, your assistant will email you. If you use WhatsApp, your assistant will chat with you there. If you prefer talking on the phone, your assistant will call you, etc.

What happens if I want a different assistant, my assistant quits, or if I need to scale my hours up or down?

Just let us know and we’ll handle it. If your assistant quits mid-week or you need a different assistant, we will work quickly to replace them. If you want to change their schedule and adjust how many hours they work per week, tell us and we’ll make the adjustment.

What if my assistant works overtime?

That’s totally fine! If you and your assistant agree, your assistant can work overtime. Overtime must be confirmed over text or email by both you and the assistant. This is to ensure that you’ve clearly approved every hour of overtime worked.

What if my assistant goes on vacation/gets sick?

You won’t be charged if your assistant needs to take time off if they get sick or go on vacation. In the case of prolonged unavailability, you may look for a new or a backup Assistant.

Who are the assistants? Where are they located?

Magic is fully remote with an operational headquarters in Manila. We hire smart generalists who are resourceful, fast on the computer, 100% fluent in English, and have graduated from top universities in the Philippines.

Our assistants are looking to work remotely for startups or small to midsize businesses. We do not operate a “call center”—we have a screening process for the companies we work with, and we pay our assistants significantly above the market rate.

Magic Dedicated Assistants are paid well above the Philippines’ minimum wage of $9 per day (source).

Does overtime come with added charges for the user? Are Dedicated Assistants paid a premium on their hourly wage overtime?

There is no additional fee for additional hours.  Both the Dedicated Assistant and the user must come to an agreement on any increases. Users have the option to hire additional assistants as needed.

Are Dedicated Assistants college-educated? Or what education equivalency do they have?

Yes. In fact, more than 90% of Dedicated Assistants have a college degree with more than 20% coming from the top four universities nationwide and 29% coming from the top 20 universities nationwide based on Magic data from November 2020 to March 2022.

How does Magic vet through the job seekers to find my right match?

Magic leverages a proprietary selection criteria and multi-step process to vet assistants and find the best match for each Magic entrepreneur. This process includes an in-depth questionnaire, phone interview, and screening call with the potential entrepreneur to ensure users are matched with the right Dedicated Assistant.

Can users hire their Dedicated Assistant to their team?

Magic Dedicated Assistants work as a valuable extension of a user’s already-existing teams. If a User chooses to provide an assistant with employee benefits, Magic will continue to handle the payroll and the Dedicated Assistant will receive 100% of all bonuses, raises, healthcare and other benefits.

Can I use an assistant for long-term work? How do I know they stay on for the duration of the project?

Yes! As part of its comprehensive vetting process, Magic verifies a user’s desired term length and matches Assistants based on that time frame.

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