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Magic is a special phone number you text to get anything you want, hassle free, 24/7.

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Get anything done

A team of human assistants work on your most complicated requests

  • "Get me a mobile dentist to my office ASAP."
  • "I need to rent out the Exploratorium this weekend."
  • "My 1 pm ran over. Bump my meetings back 1 hour."
  • "I need a SnapChat filter created for my sister's wedding."
  • "I’m out of the office today. Check my email and let me know if there’s anything urgent."

Your second brain

Cutting-edge software manages your tasks, remembers your preferences, and much more


Magic uses artificial intelligence and software developed by our engineering team in San Francisco to respond quickly and manage the complexities of your requests.

Over time Magic learns your preferences and gets better at performing tasks for you. For example, if you have a food allergy, Magic will remember and automatically remove that ingredient from all future food orders.

Text us anytime

It's 3am in the morning. Are you there, Magic?
Of course! I'm available whenever you need me. How may I help you?

Available 24/7. No subscription or monthly fee. Pay only when you use it.

  • Responds 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Responds within seconds to minutes
  • Can handle multiple requests at once
  • Requires no effort to hire, train, or manage
  • Never quits, gets sick, or goes on vacation
  • No subscription or monthly fee. You only pay for the time Magic spends working on your request

Magic works anywhere

... And everywhere nationwide

People love Magic

Magic is like having Elon Musk as your secretary.
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes
CEO, SpaceVR

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