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How remote personal assistants give people their hours back

How remote personal assistants give people their hours back


Magic’s remote personal assistant service is one of the few life upgrades you can pay for that actually works.

In 2015, Magic began with a simple idea with endless potential: one phone number you could text 24/7 with any request. Just send us a message in our app and our virtual assistants will get it done. (Seriously, anything as long as it’s not illegal. Just ask us.) Our assistants respond in seconds, so there’s no need to wait for the next business day to get a reply. We’ll start working on your task ASAP. Other companies were quick to copy the concept afterwards, with media giant WIRED even doing a stress test to see how far our service can go.

Bigger, bolder requests

Over the years, we’ve seen a shift from individual requests to more business-oriented tasks: from simple food deliveries to suddenly, “Can you help us generate leads for our business?” Requests that snowballed into helping organizations smoothen operations, focus on clients, even raise millions of dollars in seed funding.

Because of this shift, Magic has grown to offer Magic for Business, which lets you offload time-consuming work to a team of assistants. Magic makes business better by giving people more time to focus on bigger work at hand rather than spending hours on repetitive, administrative tasks. And with remote workplaces becoming more normal nowadays, we’ve also grown to create Magic Dedicated Assistants—a service that screens, hires, and trains specific staff businesses need.

Still saving hours for individuals

We’re still here to help you get things done, though. Our remote personal assistants are always on standby to help you with those tedious tasks you just don’t have time for. We want the same things: to give you more time in the day for what’s most important.

“It was outstanding having Magic handle as much of my day as possible.”

—Reed Mayhew

Magic saves you time by taking work off your plate. Customers that used Magic reported saving around three to four hours a day simply by delegating tasks to Magic.

Paying Bills: Let Magic handle paying your bills so you can rest easy. We’ll manually deal with the payment process—just give us the details and we’ll get it done.

Ordering: Don’t want to hunt for something online? Just text Magic what you need and we’ll get it for you. Want food from a local business, but they don’t deliver? Magic will find a way.

Email and Calendar Management: Let Magic handle your emails and calendar so you never miss an important message or appointment again. Magic will schedule tasks and keep your calendar up to date to help your day run smoothly.

Last-minute Errands: Forget something important but don’t want to run to the store? Need to cancel an appointment but don’t want to deal with the waiting time? Let Magic’s remote personal assistants take care of any last-minute mishaps to free up your day. No need to rush and squeeze these items in your calendar when we’re always ready to come up with quick, creative solutions to solve your problem.

Read more: What is a Virtual Remote Assistant?

Delegate tasks, save hours

We get that it’s hard to give up control, but when you do, the results might surprise you. Magic will always deliver high quality work. There are no bots here—only Magic’s skilled assistants. You can rest assured that you’re talking to a human and not getting lost in translation with an AI. And because Magic learns your preferences over time, we’ll be faster and more efficient the next time you delegate a task. Get to know Magic, and we get to know you.

What’s on your to-do list? We’re ready to start checking items off for you. Get started with Magic today.

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Magic upgrades your life with a 24/7 personal assistant. If you have a business, Magic gives you an on-demand remote workforce whenever you need it. Try Magic now!

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