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Chudyk Financial Services

“It is a great feeling to offload a task.”

David Chudyk, CFP
Chudyk Financial Services CEO

Here’s how David of Chudyk Financial offloads tasks to Magic to get bigger things done.

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Small businesses form the backbone of their communities. Not only are they integral to establishing a community identity, but they are also embedded in the fabric of the local economy.

Chudyk Financial Services and Insurance Group is one such business. It’s an exclusive, independent insurance agency that delivers quality insurance policies to the community of  Seneca and Western South Carolina.

Their trusted insurance professionals guide customers throughout every step of the insurance process. They work one-on-one with customers to develop the perfect policy to fit their needs, making sure every customer is satisfied with their financial strategies. Because their staff knows the needs of the people in their community, they can offer the best coverage for individuals and businesses in the area.

The Situation

A financial planner helps clients strategize plans to meet their financial objectives. These plans can include savings advice, retirement planning, mortgage and insurance guidance, and tax strategies.

For David Chudyk, a Certified Financial Planner and the owner of Chudyk Financial, helping clients reach their financial goals is paramount. Since 2005, David has been catering to both businesses and individuals to offer a wide range of financial solutions.

As a financial planner, David tailors financial plans to help clients of all kinds. David wears many hats as owner of the agency, too. His days consist of meeting clients, managing his team, accounting, and more. With so much on his plate, it was difficult for him to focus on what really mattered: delivering solutions to his clients.

Prior to using Magic, David’s team was plagued by many small tasks that were time consuming, but not revenue-generating. Administrative work like managing calendars and processing invoices are necessary, but can eventually pile up, clogging everyone’s schedules and to-do lists.

David’s team found themselves bogged down by tasks that ended up unfinished, disrupting his team’s productivity.

The Solution

Here’s where Magic stepped in: Magic offers the perfect solution for small businesses like Chudyk Financial because Magic integrates perfectly into any existing team, taking on tedious, repetitive work to free up schedules and ensure teams are working at maximum efficiency.

David offloaded tasks to Magic to get work off his plate — like one-off requests that he’d rather not deal with. For example, David needed a new power cord for his computer. Magic made it easy for him: David simply took a picture of his old one and sent instructions to order a new one for less than $30.

What started with just ordering a power cord soon turned into handing off administrative tasks. David found that delegating small tasks to Magic freed up his time to focus on more important work. David then asked Magic to monitor monthly reimbursements and follow up on similar tasks. Magic always checks in with him on what next steps to take, making it a transparent and seamless process.

From invoice management to administrative work related to their podcast Weekly Wealth, items for co-op reimbursement, and simple graphic design tasks, work is passed on to Magic to ensure that David has enough time to focus on his clients. And Magic always delivers on everything. Fast.

As David works to serve his community, Magic is working behind the scenes to help make sure nothing gets overlooked so Chudyk Financial Services continues to run smoothly. Magic is always available to get the job done, no matter how big or small.

Magic is an on-demand, flexible workforce that lets you outsource tasks in minutes. With Magic, you can hand off the busy work that costs too much of your team’s time. There’s no need to worry about hiring—you can get started right away.

Want to know what Magic can do for you? Get started today.

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