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“Magic enables us to try more things, to have more shots on goal. It’s an incredibly valuable tool. It honestly makes me feel like I have superpowers”

Daniel Odio
Armory CEO

Magic Helps Armory Launch New Growth Projects And Bring More Business To Their Platform.

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Bamboo HR

G Suite

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Armory provides the world’s leading continuous delivery platform, Spinnaker, at the enterprise level. Spinnaker was built by Netflix to help them get new features out to market faster. With Armory Spinnaker, your company can deploy code quickly, without worrying about bugs that cause software failure.

“As software eats the world, a company’s ability to deliver software with speed at scale will define its ability to innovate and compete”

says Armory CEO Daniel Odio.

Daniel Odio applied this same principle of “delivering with speed” to his company’s growth strategy. In order to sustain rapid growth, they needed a way to quickly launch and test new growth initiatives. Magic was the perfect tool to help.

Magic Is Seamlessly Connected To 30+ Applications Used By Armory.​

Magic is connected to over 30 applications at Armory. This includes Slack, Zoom, and Trello—the apps their team uses most.

Team members at Armory can collaborate and assign work to Magic with ease, as if it were a fellow coworker. Anyone in a Trello board or Slack channel shared with Magic can delegate work by simply mentioning @magic. Magic stays logged in and responsive 24/7, 365 days a year.

“This helps other tribals (we call ourselves a tribe at Armory) see the work that Magic is doing,” explains Odio. “I’ve watched the lightbulb go off with account executives when they see the work Magic is doing for other AE’s and ask, ‘Magic can do that?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, it’s Magic!’”

All 30+ applications Magic currently has access to at Armory.

Magic keeps all account information for the apps you use secure and encrypted. Magic stores this sensitive information using a password management system called Secrets.

Once Magic logs in, Magic can move information from one app to another and work alongside their team on any app. You can give Magic any level of access for any application and limit or remove access just as easily. It’s all up to you.

Magic Turns Linkedin Into An Automated Sales Tool

Magic completely automates Linkedin for Armory’s executives and sales team. Armory gets the full benefit of Linkedin without their sales team wasting time on the platform.

If you visit the CEO’s Linkedin profile, Magic will automatically connect with your account and message you with a personalized message in less than 5 minutes. Magic sends all messages as Daniel Odio, Armory CEO. Magic actively monitors the Linkedin inbox for replies to Daniel’s account and will reply back if you respond.

Magic completely automates the Linkedin account of Armory’s CEO

Magic was so useful for the CEO’s Linkedin that Armory has expanded its use to the entire sales team. For everyone on the sales team, Magic automatically finds the most relevant 1st and 2nd degree contacts and adds them into the company’s CRM, Pipedrive.

For example, from a single Linkedin account, Magic extracted 950 highly targeted leads. For each lead, Magic created a profile containing their phone number and email, along with any other relevant information they could find. This gave the sales team material to reference when they scheduled a meeting with the contact.

Magic Connects To Jira To Make Armory’s Support Super-Responsive, 24/7

Support is crucial for enterprise software. Armory’s managed offering provides world class support and a 99.95% uptime SLA. To achieve this, Armory knew they needed to be proactive rather than just reactive, catching errors before they caused major issues.

Armory relies on Magic to help their engineers resolve issues, since Magic is online 24/7 and always responds within minutes. Magic constantly monitors Armory’s Mode Dashboards to identify whenever a customer experienced an error. As soon as the error is spotted, Magic creates a support ticket in Jira. Once the ticket is made, Magic alerts Armory’s support team and engineering team so that they can address the issue immediately.

Because Magic is so quick to respond, Armory can deal with issues before the customer even notices it.

Magic Ties Together Armory’s HR Tools To Automate Employee Onboarding

When you join Armory, you’re welcomed into their “tribe.” Armory has internal company software for this tribe, similar to Facebook, where every employee has a profile.

Magic makes sure each new employee is onboarded properly and set up with their internal account. Magic syncs this information with Bamboo HR, Armory’s HR platform.

This is a key benefit of Magic: the ability to sync internal software with external apps, without needing to build a custom integration. You can have Magic connect any two apps by manually doing the work for you. It all happens seamlessly, like Magic.

Part of the tribe at Amory

Magic Saves Your Company Money And Makes Life Better For Your Team

“At Magic, there’s 15 people that are willing to just try anything that I want to get done. Most of the world doesn’t know what Magic is capable of, but it’s capable of quite a lot.”

Daniel Odio, Armory CEO

With Magic, Armory is able to launch new initiatives faster, provide higher quality service to their customers, and spend less time doing routine tasks. And because Magic’s hourly rate is lower than their team members’, it’s saving Armory money. Magic lowers company costs by reducing the  need to hire full-time employees.

“At first, I thought Magic was a bot,” explains Daniel Odio.” There’s actual real humans behind the ‘magic bot.’ It’s a team of college-educated professionals that are very intelligent and smart and very motivated to figure problems out.”

Magic’s team works 24/7 to help Armory and their employees grow and hit their goals.
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