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Affordable, flexible pricing that works the way you do.

Pay as you go

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How Magic Works

Share your projects with us

Discuss how you’d like to tackle projects and goals with your account manager or directly with your assistant team. We’ll help you come up with a plan specific to your needs. You only get charged when we’re actively getting instructions or working on your task directly.

We make it happen

Your assistant team generally comprise of 3-5 trained generalists or specialists who are available 24/7. We work on multiple projects at once and will get creative to make sure we can deliver results for you and your business.

Pay based on your usage

Choose pricing that’s flexible for you. Talk with us and we'll set you up with a plan that matches your volume & frequency. You’re free to change your plan at any time -- and have peace of mind from our money back guarantee.

Popular Requests

Why work with Magic?


Can I set a budget on a task?

Yes! You can set custom global spending controls in settings, or just tell Magic on a per-task basis. We’re very flexible.

Is it easy to change plans?

Yes! Just tell Magic what plan you want and we’ll make it happen. If you upgrade, you’ll gain immediate access to additional hours and features for that tier.

How can I see my bill?

You’ll find a detailed Billing History in your account settings.

Do you provide refunds?

If there are any issues with your service, please let Magic or your account manager know and we will do what it takes to meet your concerns.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee all of the work done by Magic and have an instant refund process, no questions asked.

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New: Magic Dedicated Assistant, starting at $10/hour.