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JTP Agency

“Magic allowed me to work on my business instead of in my business.”

Jim Turner
JTP Agency CEO

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The hiring process can be difficult—especially when it comes to hiring workers of various backgrounds. Recruitment agencies make it easier to navigate the complications of paperwork, particularly for employees who require visas, simplifying the process for employers and employees alike.

The JTP Agency understands the complexity of this process for foreign workers. They’re a full-service recruitment agency that helps foreign workers looking for employment opportunities in the United States.

While most agencies are only able to recruit from a few countries, The JTP Agency can recruit from most H-2 visa countries. They assist workers through every part of the embassy process, even helping workers arrive at their work locations in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Whether it’s through seasonal recruitment trips or phone interviews, The JTP Agency makes the hiring process as seamless as possible.

How JTP Agency saves on overhead costs

In a recruitment agency, time should be spent on high-value tasks like closing new clients and placing recruits, not follow-up tasks and back-and-forth with clients. When Jim Turner, owner and self-appointed “Chief Everything Officer” of The JTP Agency, found that his team was bogged down with administrative work that made everyone slow and inefficient, Magic came to the rescue.

What drew Jim to Magic was the ability to scale up while avoiding overhead costs. Magic lets Jim scale up or down depending on his needs and access a flexible, on-demand workforce that integrates seamlessly into his team.

Magic ensures that Jim’s team is at its best by taking all repetitive, time-consuming work off their plates. Jim has delegated electronic filing, phone calling, process documentation and implementation, and website chat response to Magic. Since Magic is available 24/7, it can manage customer support off-hours and aid during peaks. Magic can handle requests over chat and email any time, any day, eliminating the need to hire additional employees to cover the extra hours.

Magic also keeps The JTP Agency’s social media up to date: Every week, Magic reads and compiles all relevant articles and news on visas and posts it on their social media channels.

Making the most out of Magic & Slack

At JTP Agency, Magic is also integrated into Slack. A Slack bot connected to their email and chat support software triggers a prompt each time there’s a new inquiry submitted by a customer. Magic’s assistants then determine whether to handle it themselves or push it to JTP. Magic seamlessly follows the SOP so nothing goes awry.

Since Slack is the main tool Jim’s team uses to communicate, they can easily delegate tasks to Magic as if to any other member of the team. It’s simple: anyone can mention @magic in a channel, and Magic will receive the task and respond immediately. Jim and his team can maximize their time by delegating on-the-fly and last-minute tasks without lengthening their to-do lists, all without leaving the platform they’re already using.

Magic frees up time and energy for Jim to focus on bigger projects at hand. With Magic, there’s no need to worry about the busywork that goes into growing a business.

When you can outsource tasks to Magic, there’s no need to screen, hire, and manage new employees to get work done. You’ll know you’re in good hands, too, because Magic’s workforce is composed of highly trained remote assistants skilled in admin, sales, and recruitment best practices. You can count on Magic to deliver high quality results every time, minus the overhead costs.

Want to know what Magic can do for you? Get started today.

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