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Fruit Street

“Magic is truly magic. It’s like having the four seasons concierge and an Ivy League intern at your fingertips 24/7/365.”

Laurence Girard
Fruit Street CEO

Each week Fruit Street Health’s patients video conference with a registered dietitian.

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Here’s How Magic Raised $10mm In Seed Funding For Healthcare Startup Fruit Street.

Fruit Street is the first digital health and telemedicine company to deliver the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program and license their software to healthcare professionals who want to set up a virtual practice.

Participants sign up for the program with the goal of losing 5-7% of their weight to reduce their risk for Type 2 diabetes. Each week, customers video conference with a registered dietitian, take pictures of their food in the Fruit Street mobile application, use a Fitbit to track physical activity, and weigh themselves with a wireless scale to track weight loss progress.

Why Fruit Street Uses Magic

Laurence Girard, Fruit Street CEO, started off by using Magic as a personal assistant. He had delegated a variety of one-off tasks to Magic before asking if Magic would be a fit for his business needs. He needed help with fundraising for Fruit Street and recruiting doctors onto his platform.

Laurence hopped on a call with his account manager and was surprised to discover just how flexible Magic would be at building and following through with any custom process. He wanted to make sure Magic would learn a complicated flow chart, such as a sales funnel, and follow it correctly.

Laurence was happy to discover that Magic would build out the process with him and train their team how to execute it.

“Some tasks shouldn’t be handled by me. If Magic can do something, and Magic’s price is lower than my hourly rate, I’ll always send it to Magic.”

—Laurence Girard, Fruit Street CEO

Fruit Street was able to “hire” Magic, with all the responsibilities of a full-time employee, while keeping the flexible pricing of an app.

Magic gives startups like Fruit Street the best of both worlds. Startups want flexible pricing and the ability to scale up and down instantly. But they should also be able to delegate complex work with multiple steps. With Magic, both are possible. Magic learns and gets better over time, too, even as you “pay as you go.”

Magic Completely Automated Fruit Street’s Fundraising

To get initial seed funding, Fruit Street needed to reach out to investors interested in the telemedicine and healthcare industry.

First, thousands of leads were collected from a wide variety of accredited investors and funds. Second, each lead was  added to Linkedin and Salesforce. If an email address or phone number was missing from the lead, a specialized message was  sent asking for that information.

After collecting all of the information, an investor package was sent alongside a Calendly link to schedule a phone call. At each point in the funnel, a lead could drop off and go unresponsive. If this happened, a follow-up sequence kicked into gear. In addition, whenever there was an update with any lead, this information was  added into Salesforce.

Magic follows any flowchart or funnel you specify.

Laurence Girard, CEO of Fruit Street, worked with Magic to build this flowchart. Magic then executed it automatically. At any point, Laurence could message Magic to tweak any aspect of the flowchart and adjust his sales process.

For example, here’s what Magic and Fruit Street developed together as a flowchart for follow ups. Magic kept track of this for every single lead, 24/7.

Fruit Street Saved Over $110,000 Using Magic

When needed, Fruit Street used over 100 hours of Magic a week to accomplish the needs of more than 2 full time employees. Some weeks, less work was needed, and Fruit Street ramped down its usage. Because Magic does not have a fixed cost, Fruit Street saved thousands of dollars over hiring a full-time employee, who would have been sitting around during that period.

Magic also saved Fruit Street money by eliminating the need for these extra costs:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Management
  • HR costs
  • Promotions
  • Office space
  • Subscriptions to remote work apps like LastPass, Slack, and G Suite

If Fruit Street would have hired 3 employees instead of using Magic, they would have spent an additional $110,000+. Magic could accomplish the work of 3 employees for less cost than a full-time sales assistant. Magic only works when you need it to work, and there’s no need to pay for any of the additional costs of an employee, such as hiring and training.

Magic Is Now Helping Launch CovidMD

Magic was so successful at fundraising and scaling Fruit Street that “dozens of companies” have asked Fruit Street to teach them their strategy.

In addition, the CEO of Fruit Street is using Magic again to help grow CovidMD, a new telemedicine company to help those who believe they are infected with Covid-19.

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