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How a Customer Support Assistant Can Help Win Customers

How a Customer Support Assistant Can Help Win Customers

Customer Support Assistant Can Help Win Customers

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups may find it challenging to have a dedicated customer support team or scale up their existing staff.

However, a customer support assistant can help you keep clients happy while avoiding the added cost and hassles of hiring full-time employees. This way, you’re also able to ramp up your business operations without losing touch with your customers.

What is a customer support assistant?

A customer support assistant is the primary point of contact between a company and its customers. They help people use your products and services more easily while ensuring they have a positive experience with your business.

Customer support can be provided in two different ways:

  • Voice support — The traditional approach provides customer service on the phone via a dialer or a softphone. There are two processes under this:
    • Inbound process — A support representative answers incoming calls made by customers who seek technical support, raise a complaint, or ask a query
    • Outbound process — A support representative makes outgoing calls to pitch a product, resolve an issue, or explain their latest offers
  • Non-voice support — This customer support approach is carried out through email or chat

What does a customer support assistant do?

Magic Customer Support Assistant

A customer support assistant plays an important role in your customer service process by increasing the lifetime value of your customers. They help attract and retain customers, as well as provide insights and product breakthroughs through a variety of duties such as:

Phone Support

  • This is a real-time channel that brings a human factor to customer support. An assistant answers phone calls from clients and helps them however they can. They can also make calls to further promote your business.

Email Customer Support

  • A customer support assistant responds to queries sent by clients via email. It is ideal for problems that may need attachments such as images, quotations, or invoices.

Chat Customer Support

  • This is a type of non-voice support that allows real-time conversation. An assistant answers a person’s queries and questions about your business, especially if they are prospects or new customers.

Escalation Management

  • A customer support assistant deals with incidents by ranking concerns based on their priority and making sure that they are resolved at the right level of authority or experience.

Quality Management

  • Adhering to the policies and procedures of your business, the assistant ensures that your business delivers consistently good customer service, as well as evaluates and helps the support team improve their performance. A quality management system includes four areas namely quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement.

Positive Scripting

  • A customer support assistant can draft a customer service script to guide clients towards the desired outcome without frustrating or upsetting them.

Customer Retention Strategies

  • An assistant uses different strategies in customer retention for small businesses such as conducting surveys, informing customers about new developments, and delivering personalized support interactions with the help of an updated customer relationship management (CRM) database. They can also keep track of comments, suggestions, likes and dislikes, as well as testimonials from customers.

Shopping Cart Management

  • An assistant can man your help desk or live chat support to assist customers in purchasing your product/service, generating an invoice, and processing payments and refunds.

To effectively perform their tasks, a customer support assistant should have excellent communication, problem-solving, and active listening skills, computer literacy including dialers and CRM tools, and the ability to remain calm and patient in stressful situations.

Benefits of hiring a virtual customer support assistant

Magic Customer Support Assistant

You can rely on virtual assistants to handle the bulk of the customer support work. Here are some of the advantages of having a virtual customer support assistant:

  1. Boost customer satisfaction
    • Providing good customer support cultivates a loyal customer base that will help your business gain new clients through positive testimonials and reviews. Essentially, a virtual assistant can also extend your business hours with them since they are from a different time zone.
  2. Build on your brand image
    • By adding a personal touch in conducting business with clients, a customer support assistant can uphold your company brand and values beyond your social media presence, advertisements, and other external marketing efforts.
  3. Reduce operational costs
    • Hiring a virtual assistant cuts down your expenses since they work on an hourly or project basis. Moreover, you don’t need to spend on office expenses and training since they are remote workers who are adept in their field.
  4. Increase productivity
    • Do more in your business by delegating customer support work to a virtual assistant. It not only reduces pressure on the number of tasks to be completed but also the quality of your work.
  5. Promote scalability
    • Many startups and SMEs experience sudden increases in customer demand so outsourcing manpower to virtual assistant services is an easy and cost-effective solution to ensure that your business can still entertain your customers.

Reinforce your customer support with Magic

Improve customer satisfaction without worrying about fluctuating load and staffing issues. Magic can match you with a customer support assistant you can easily integrate into your team. It’s as easy as telling us what your business needs and what your goals are.

Cut down the costs and duration of scaling up with Magic. We’ll handle the hiring process from sourcing to qualifying candidates for you. Within 72 hours, you can get a skilled virtual assistant. We screen candidates using proprietary selection criteria and a multi-step process to ensure that your virtual assistant can help you grow your business.

Hop into a call with us and we’ll recommend a virtual assistant based on your specifications. Whether it’s voice or non-voice support, a Magic Assistant can respond to tickets within minutes and help your sales team in winning customers.

Maintaining an entire customer service process can diverge resources from the areas of your business that directly impact your productivity, profitability, and growth. While being hands-on in your business is good, hiring a customer support assistant can free you up from non-core activities so you can focus on your business goals.

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