Magic Assistant: 10 Essential Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Li Ramos
Li Ramos
Published: May 9, 2022
Last updated: Nov 23, 2022
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Increase Customer Satisfaction with Magic

Satisfied customers make referrals, leave positive reviews, or participate in case studies. All of which is to say businesses should invest in good customer support.

Customer support services include assistance in planning, installing, using, troubleshooting, maintaining, upgrading, and refunding or terminating a product or service. Ultimately, they provide quick and empathetic help to customers through phone, chat, or other channels.

Increase customer satisfaction by putting customer support service techniques into practice.

10 Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction

1. Get To Know Your Customers

Your business should focus on consumer psychology in meeting the needs of customers. You should know the preferences, interests, and habits of your target market to strengthen your relationship with them.

To increase customer satisfaction with your customer support services, you can collect customer feedback and surveys to find out what they need and the improvements they want to see in your product or service. This can be done through chat or email customer support.

2. Develop Customer Service Communities

A customer service community is an online or physical space where customers can connect. It supports conversations, queries, as well as the sharing of information and ideas about your product or service.

This is a great way to generate feedback and product ideas, and test new products. In creating a community, consider how it can support the needs of your customers and find a platform that meets that. It can be a Facebook Group, online forum, or a customizable CRM platform.

3. Offer Multi-Channel Customer Support

Don’t limit yourself to customer service on the phone. The more ways there are for customers to reliably reach you, the higher your customer satisfaction will be. Provide customer support through various channels and devices such as:

  • Live chat customer service
  • Email customer support
  • Social media support
  • Phone customer service

This allows you to engage with your customers over their preferred method of communication. Moreover, multi-channel customer support services not only increase customer satisfaction but also brand credibility.

4. Provide Real-Time Support With Visual Tools

42% of American internet users who raise a product/service issue online expect a response within an hour while 24% expect it within 30 minutes regardless of when the contact was made. Real-time assistance is one of the most effective customer retention strategies as clients are less likely to grow impatient and look for a product alternative.

Adding a visual element to it enhances first contact resolution and can make it more interactive and personalized. For example, your chat customer service can be improved by using video chat or collaborative browsing. These offer a more personalized experience, with fewer touchpoints, allowing you to resolve issues faster and more effectively.

5. Maintain Customer Service Etiquette

According to CGS, 30% of consumers would pay more to get excellent service. It also reported a 42% increase in consumers valuing helpful, empathetic customer support representatives from 2020 to 2021.

Customer Support Assistant

That’s why it’s important to train your support team to interact and communicate with customers to deliver exceptional service. Some ways to impose great customer service include:

  • Actively listening to customers to identify exactly what they want
  • Personalizing assistance by referring to the customer’s personal information
  • Using positive scripting to guide customers to the desired outcome without frustrating or upsetting them
  • Maintaining transparency to avoid confusion about your product or service
  • Establishing a quality management system to continuously improve your customer support services.

6. Supply Free Product Training And Support

Product knowledge can greatly increase customer satisfaction. Knowing a product inside-out makes it easier to answer questions about it. This doesn’t just apply to your support team⁠—customers who know your product well will appreciate it better, so you should make it easy for them to learn more.

Product information can be self-paced, guided, or a combination of multiple training approaches through seminars, on-demand training materials, or online training programs.

7. Monitor Your Customer Satisfaction Regularly

Regularly checking if you meet your customer satisfaction goals allows you to see how your business is performing. You can also improve on necessary areas based on what works for your customers and what their complaints are all about.

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You can measure customer satisfaction using the following key performance indicators:

Customer Satisfaction Score

A measure that usually appears at the end of a customer feedback survey asking basic questions such as rating your product or service.

Net Promoter Score

A benchmark that focuses on the overall experience of your customers. It measures the loyalty of your customers to your business.

Customer Effort Score

A metric derived from a customer satisfaction survey that measures the ease of use of your product or service.

8. Act On Negative Feedback And Complaints

Complaints and bad reviews provide opportunities to build closer relationships with your customers. Resolving them promptly and proactively makes customers feel valued.

You should also use escalation management to substantially increase customer satisfaction. It allows you to maintain a timely response time to tickets while also empowering the most suitable customer support representative to handle them.

9. Slash Response Time

Providing prompt support can also improve customer satisfaction. In 2021, there was a 20% increase in valuing quick resolutions compared to 2020. This means that customers won’t hesitate to find an alternative to your product or service if you can’t provide fast but good customer support.

Many companies use chatbots since they can quickly answer simple questions and pre-qualify leads by asking relevant topics. Chatbots enable businesses to engage with customers 24/7 across their websites and different applications.

10. Add A Magic Assistant To Your Support Team

Increase customer satisfaction with the help of Magic! There’s no need to worry about fluctuating load and staffing issues because we can find a Magic Assistant to add to your customer support team within 72 hours.

Customer Satisfaction Goals

Match with an on-demand customer support assistant who is fully equipped to use any dialer or CRM tool you prefer. A Magic Assistant can take on different areas of your customer support service including:

  • Phone support
    • A customer support assistant can answer phone calls from clients.
  • Email customer support
    • A Magic Assistant can respond to queries sent by clients via email, attaching images, quotations, product training materials, or invoices as necessary.
  • Chat customer service
    • A virtual assistant can provide real-time responses to customer queries via live chat. As they are working from a different time zone, they can also extend the active hours of your customer support service.
  • Escalation management
    • A customer support assistant can rank tickets based on their priority and make sure that they are resolved at the right level of authority.
  • Quality management
    • A Magic Assistant can act as the quality manager of your support team and ensure that they continuously deliver consistent service while also improving their performance.
  • Customer support training
    • A virtual assistant can help produce materials and facilitate customer product training for clients. They can also assist in evaluating and training your support staff about the best customer retention strategies.
  • Positive scripting
    • A customer support assistant can draft support scripts using positive words to avoid discouraging clients and lend credibility to your brand.
  • Customer retention strategies
    • A Magic Assistant can assist in different customer support strategies such as conducting surveys, informing clients about new developments, delivering personalized support interactions, and keeping track of customer feedback.

The key to increasing customer satisfaction is providing timely and quality assistance to clients whether it’s through non-voice or voice-based services. Moreover, working towards having good customer support services is a nonstop process that requires a lot of resources.

Hiring a Magic Assistant is a simple and economical approach to positively impact the productivity and profitability of your support team, or take responsibility for customer service as a whole for small businesses.

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