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Maximize your Business Potential: Get Virtual Assistant Services

Maximize your Business Potential: Get Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant working on a Project

Are you a business startup or small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) looking to boost your business processes and strategies, especially in cybersecurity and sales? While there may be several ways to do so, getting virtual assistant services is one of the best.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should hire virtual assistants to establish and manage your departments and how Magic serves as your go-to team for experts when it comes to anything related to a remote personal assistant.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants⁠—also called remote executive assistants or remote workers⁠—perform various tasks that allow business owners or executives to focus on the more important aspects of the business such as increasing sales or ROI and making major decisions.
Here are some prime areas that a remote executive assistant can facilitate for you when you do decide to get Magic virtual assistant services. This way, you make sure that your company can attend to your clients’ needs and keep up with internal tasks such as record-keeping and market research.

  1.  Customer Support
    This is a core area of concern since it requires dealing with your clients’ needs. A business cannot succeed without satisfied customers. With the rapid development of digital markets, customers are also more aware that they can have many choices for any product or service they want, so ensuring a smooth customer experience is vital to keeping them from switching over to your competitors.
    Getting your own on-demand customer assistant to handle your support tickets should ensure that you answer concerns and questions promptly and effectively. As a result, you have the edge of providing a personal touch when replying to customers, as opposed to bots that can only answer programmed queries.
  2.  Market Research
    Market research is an integral part of your growth strategy, especially if you want to boost your sales and market share and keep up with trends. However, without sound insights from market research, you won’t know how to proceed. This work can be tedious as it requires hours of dredging up and sifting through data.
    This makes it a good choice for a role to outsource. Monitor your competitors’ products or services, analyze the consumer trends that are relevant to your niche or target market, and discover ways and means to boost your processes.
  3.  Data Entry
    A company needs accurate records to ensure they have all the information they need whenever they might need it. However, data covers various departments such as administrative, transcriptions, social media data entry, and others. Although these are vital for your company, they require time that you as the owner might not be able to spare.
    A virtual personal assistant can keep these records updated while saving you time, allowing you to make more informed and effective decisions.

Startups and SME Question: How can a virtual assistant help my business?

Virtual Assistant on a meeting

A remote personal assistant helps you manage any part of your business that you do not have to personally attend to. With your own dedicated virtual assistant, you can focus on accomplishing goals while your remote workers focus on the front-end or back-end side of the business.

Here are the top three ways that virtual assistant services help startups and SMEs like yours:

  1.  Get access to qualified, trained, and experienced services
    Gone are the days when college degree holders working at home sounded weird and unimpressive! Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for virtual assistants with better offers in terms of salaries and benefits.
    A 2020 study found that 60% of remote assistants have earned college degrees. So, how is this beneficial for your startup or SME? Hiring virtual assistant services empowers you to get qualified, professional, and experienced remote workers, who can manage multiple tasks and work with minimal supervision. What better way to manage your transactions and processes if not them?
  2.  Boost your efficiency and productivity
    Working at home allows virtual assistants more time to do what they need to do. This results in well-rounded employees who can attend to their responsibilities without worrying about commuting or traveling time.
    A Stanford study on this found that remote workers were 13% more efficient and productive. As a startup or SME employer, you’d want to have this kind of remote personal assistant working for you. Think about it! You have a reliable remote worker, who happily commits to accomplishing tasks within the scheduled time at quite possibly at a lower cost compared to in-house employees.
  3.  Save On Operation Costs
    Costs affect the overall profit of a business. So, if you can lessen, say, the operation costs, then that would be more funds to spend elsewhere. Outsourcing virtual assistant services will allow you to scale up or down and employ various skilled remote workers to cater to the growing needs of your company.
    A 2020 study found that you can save as much as 78% on operation costs when you hire remote personal assistants instead of in-house personnel. This is because you don’t have to spend costs on office space and office furniture and equipment, utilities, and other expenses related to having a company office.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant making reports

If you’re reading this section, it means that you’ve already made up your mind to hire a virtual office assistant. So, what to do next?

Decide on how to hire your remote personal assistant.

  • Hire a Personal Assistant Direct
    If you want to hire your VA directly, you need to set the salary, purpose, and duties. Then post the job opening details on your website, LinkedIn, Upwork, or other freelance platforms. Once applications come in, you’ll need to screen and schedule an interview with the best candidates. After which, you can hire the one who best fits this job.
  • Contact an Agency or Recruiter
    You are too busy handling an important project and don’t have the time and patience to hire a virtual assistant yourself. Plus, you need a VA now! To bypass the hassle of posting your job on various platforms, screening applications, and conducting interviews, choose a reliable recruitment agency like Magic. Call to discuss your requirements and voila⁠—top candidates for your job post will be available within 72 hours!

Magic understands you’re busy and we’re here to help you any time. Magic offers virtual assistant services that take away all the pains you would go through to find your remote freelancer. Just call us to discuss your requirements and give us 72 hours to introduce the right candidate. Rest assured, we will match you with the right VA when you decide to hire a Dedicated Assistant today.

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