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Scale up your Business with Magic Administrative Assistant

Scale up your Business with Magic Administrative Assistant

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Be it managing employees, liaising with clients and companies, or keeping track of projects, there’s a lot of work in running a business. Between these duties, there is groundwork to be done such as answering phone calls, record keeping, and scheduling appointments.

Doing it all yourself, however, can be exhausting and unproductive when you could be applying yourself to more important areas of your business. Fill the gaps in your workflow with a Magic Assistant! Leave the clerical work to a skilled virtual assistant so you can grow your business.

What is an administrative assistant?

An administrative assistant is a skilled worker who provides support in the daily executive activities of a professional or organization. They typically work with CEOs, managing directors, administrators, and other team leaders.

As more office functions have gone digital, virtual assistants⁠—administrative assistants working remotely through various online platforms⁠—have become incredibly popular due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Ultimately, an administrative assistant ensures smooth and efficient day-to-day operations by handling the work that keeps an office running smoothly. This can include a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Answer phone calls and maintain contact lists
  • Manage incoming and outgoing emails
  • Organize and schedule appointments
  • Book travel and meeting arrangements
  • Create and manage a filing system
  • Manage the business account
  • Perform basic bookkeeping tasks
  • Take detailed minutes and prepare documents for meetings
  • Liaise with executives, managers, and other employees
  • Communicate with internal and external clients

To successfully fulfill their role, an admin assistant should have excellent communication, organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills, as well as knowledge of office management systems and tools.

What industries would need an admin assistant?

In the past, admin assistants primarily worked in an office setting. With the ongoing workplace revolution and latest technological advancements, however, remote work is now a viable setup that more and more businesses take advantage of.

A virtual administrative assistant can work in different fields since their duties are integral to running a business. Virtual assistants (VAs) can provide administrative support in different industries such as:

  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Health care and social service providers
  • Telecommunication and media companies
  • Technology and information companies
  • Real estate businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Law firms

Why hire a virtual administrative assistant?

A virtual assistant can act as the central hub of internal and external communication, paving the way for a more organized and productive workflow. Below are the benefits of outsourcing administrative assistant duties:

  • More work done in less time — Get a dedicated assistant to do daily office work (e.g. calendar management, email correspondence, and invoice processing), streamlining processes in different core business areas.
  • Scale business operations easily — Solve staffing issues quickly by hiring administrative assistants directly or from a virtual assistant company. You can also easily re-hire them for future projects to save you time since you already know their work ethics and contact details or replace them when you need to.
  • Reduce operational costs — Since virtual assistants work on an hourly or project basis, you don’t have to hire full-time employees who require fixed salaries, benefits, and training. Moreover, remote work means there’s no need to spend on office space and equipment.
  • Get on-demand assistance quickly — Hiring VAs from different time zones provides round-the-clock availability so you can get things done whenever. Stay connected with them easily through your preferred communications platform.
  • Focus on scaling up your business — With routine work and ad hoc tasks cleared off your desk, you can concentrate on business analysis, strategies, and big picture ideas to grow your company.
  • Enjoy work-life balance — Aside from clerical work, an admin assistant can also run personal errands such as purchasing an item or scheduling a personal appointment so you can focus on your business and avoid working overtime.

What to look for in hiring an admin assistant?

A business owner talking to a Magic Assistant
So, you’ve decided to outsource your administrative tasks to a virtual assistant. You can choose to find and hire a freelancer directly or get matched with one with the help of a virtual assistant company.

There are many highly trained and skilled virtual assistants who can work in demanding situations. With a properly screened virtual administrative assistant, rest assured that all delegated tasks are completed on time, exactly how you want them to be done.

But how can you make sure that you’re recruiting the right administrative assistant for your business? Here are the top six qualities you need to look for when hiring a virtual administrative assistant:

  1.  Written and verbal communication skills
    The admin assistant will act as the liaison between your business and clients or other organizations. That’s why it’s important that an assistant can accurately relay information and messages whether it’s via email or other online messaging platforms, phone calls, or video conferencing. A multilingual assistant is also an advantage if you do business with companies from countries that speak other languages.
  2.  Customer service orientation
    Being customer service-oriented refers to having a positive attitude and a willingness to provide the client with the best assistance possible. Since they may deal with internal and external clients every day, an admin assistant should possess this quality. It should also extend to you as their employer in knowing what you need and delivering satisfying results.
  3.  Organizational skills
    Your assistant should be meticulously organized in performing delegated tasks. Since they interact with almost every department in your organization, they should know how to prioritize and keep track of all administrative duties.
  4.  Adaptability 
    There’s a wide range of administrative duties, so a good assistant should be able to react and adapt to sudden changes. They should be able to work efficiently under pressure and be creative in solving any problems that may arise.
  5.  Reliability
    You must be able to depend on your admin assistant so you don’t have to worry if tasks are being accomplished or if the outcomes are up to your standards. Reliability also extends to honoring confidentiality since they will be handling sensitive information.
  6.  Tech Savvy
    Since a virtual assistant won’t be able to work with you in person, communication and operation will be done through the internet or phone. This means that your admin assistant should have the necessary devices and the knowledge to use them properly. Also, VAs don’t just use emails and office suites nowadays. They should also be proficient in different platforms and integrated apps to maximize efficiency in messaging, data entry, or invoice processing.

Get a Magic Assistant for your administrative work!

Look no further for your administrative assistant! Magic can help you find the right admin assistant or a fully remote team for your business. Just discuss your needs with us and get matched with a Magic Virtual Assistant within 72 hours.

Magic Assistants are highly trained and rigorously screened professionals who can fulfill a variety of roles for your business so you can have more time scaling up. Focus on achieving the main goals of your business by delegating work to your virtual administrative assistant.

Magic Assistant for all your business needs
Maximize business operations with your tools of choice. Your Magic Administrative Assistant can work with different apps and software already integrated into your business:

  • Slack — Communicate with your virtual administrative assistant whenever you need something to be done. Simply mention @magic to assign any task whether it’s personal or business-related.
  • Asana or Trello — Easily delegate tasks to your Magic Assistant. Invite them to your boards so they can perform data entry jobs or handle internal coordination within teams.
  • Basecamp — Collaborate with your assistant to keep track of deadlines, files, discussions, or even sudden changes in your operations.
  • Calendly — Manage your schedule with the help of your admin assistant. They can book meetings and notify you about upcoming events.
  • Google Workplace (G Suite) — Let your admin assistant develop a filing system using any Google tool such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc. It also allows for customer account management and invoice processing.
  • Zoom or Google Meet — Invite your virtual administrative assistant to your meetings to take minutes or liaise with clients and handle the following action required.
  • LinkedIn — Looking to grow your team? Let your Magic Assistant find and contact candidates on the platform. It can also be used to provide basic customer service and update your client database.
  • Upwork — Source and manage contractors effortlessly. Leave the hiring process to your assistant who can also arrange your meeting with potential candidates.

Why add Magic to your business operations? Take advantage of a flexible workforce and pay based on your usage volume and frequency. There’s no contract to start with so you can effortlessly fill in gaps in your workflow or build an entire team with Magic.

Scale with us quickly and get a Magic Assistant for administrative work, sales and marketing assistance, or other specialized roles. Hop on a discovery call now and let us help make your business better!

Hire a Magic Administrative Assistant

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