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10 Reasons Why Healthcare Startups Should Hire A Magic Assistant

10 Reasons Why Healthcare Startups Should Hire A Magic Assistant

Healthcare Startups hiring a Magic Assistant

Healthcare startups handle staff and customers simultaneously. As a team of healthcare providers, they are not just responsible for caring for the sick or ailing patients but also attend to administrative and customer support tasks. To provide better care for patients and have more time to see others, hiring a Magic virtual assistant to help out in these tasks is an excellent idea.
Here are ten reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant for your healthcare startup.

  1.  Research and gather data
    With a virtual assistant helping with administrative and routine tasks, you can spend more time doing your core duties, like researching or developing new drugs or treatments. Having less paperwork to worry about will let you focus on researching and developing new products or services faster and more effectively. To cite an example, HealX is making a name for itself for developing new drugs and treatments for rare diseases.
  2.  Produce results faster
    A healthcare startup called Verge Genomics streamlines the medical trial process to save lives. Like them, you can focus on discovering which drugs should be prioritized for FDA approval while asking your medical virtual assistant to research and sort drugs that have a high percentage of curing success and those that will likely fail. This way, you can help speed up the approval of drugs that can help cure sick patients.
  3.  Give better service
    Dealing with illness is always stressful. That’s why healthcare startups need to make things as frictionless as possible to retain customers. Hu-manity.co launched a mobile app that enables users to either sell or lease their medical data for marketing or medical research purposes. A virtual assistant keeps the application user-friendly and secure. So, the healthcare startup gives better service by eliminating the middleman and enabling patients to directly go to big pharma.
  4.  Increase efficiency in tasks
    Employing a VA or two to handle your admin and communication workload frees you to attend to your core duties. Using productivity tools such as Slack, Calendar, Google Docs, and Zoom enables you to work more efficiently and delegate tasks to a member of your team. Clarity of work and designation should increase productivity and efficiency at work.
  5.  Get sales assistants who can learn the market
    You can train your Magic Assistant to know your products and services well. This way, your VA can help you present it favorably to your customers. You can even improve it by incorporating client feedback gathered from existing clients. Your VA can provide valuable insight by being alert in determining pain points or collating areas that can be improved. After all, customer service assistants become more immersed in your market, so they can keep you abreast with the most important issues that can make a great impact on your business.
  6.  Cost-Effective Scalability
    When healthcare startups succeed and patients and healthcare experts increase, you’ll have additional tasks to attend to as well. Tapping into Magic Assistant enables you to easily and quickly contract a virtual assistant or two to provide admin support whenever you need it. All these benefits without incurring costs on training, office equipment, etc. that you’ll need to cover if you’ll employ office assistants.
  7.  Allow integration or streamlining
    Accurate and updated records and files are vital in setting up your systems and processes. With a virtual assistant helping you update these, business process integration will be easier and more efficient. This is essential for both you and your remote virtual assistant to have effective communication and produce advanced reporting channels. In the end, you can grow your business while your VA keeps you in the loop on files and business developments.
  8.  No office space needed
    Employing virtual assistants to manage administrative tasks for your healthcare center removes the need for office space, office equipment, furniture, and office supplies. For healthcare startups with limited space, this is a definite advantage in more ways than one.
  9.  Provide prompt customer service
    One sure way to grow your target market is to provide customer service 24/7, especially in cases of emergencies and holidays. Have your virtual assistant cater to customers’ needs, respond to questions, deal with complaints and requests for discounts or refunds, and welcome new customers via email to provide great customer service. As a result, your VA can help you build good relationships with your customers and earn their loyalty and patronage.
  10.  Foster better mental health
    Mindset is a key consideration for entrepreneurs to succeed. For healthcare startups, to-do lists keep piling up that you can get overwhelmed, overworked, and eventually get stressed. With a VA to hand over your trivial tasks and prioritize tasks that really need your utmost attention. Even better, make a detailed list of VA tasks that you want to outsource so you can find one to match. This way, you can live a more balanced life at work and in your personal life.

What services can Magic offer?

Success-driven Magic Assistant
Healthcare startups can benefit from hiring virtual assistants to handle routine tasks and transactional processes such as virtual office activities, invoicing, and processing orders or support tickets.
Here are the three main tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant:

Administrative Tasks

Admin duties can take up more time than you may realize. While establishing your business, however, it’s important that business owners meet potential clients directly. So, focus on your more important duties and get a dedicated assistant to handle the following tasks.

  • Appointment scheduling: Includes setting up appointments, sending reminders to patients, canceling and rescheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Calendar Management: Recording appointments with patient details and updating meetings or event schedules.
  • Data Management: Includes filing, updating, and organizing files for efficient record-keeping.


A strong online presence can greatly benefit a healthcare startup. Your virtual assistant can handle your digital marketing campaigns to allow for better lead generation services. You can get better results on lead qualification and call campaigns that reach out to new patients in your target location. Your VA can also keep your website and social media accounts active and up to date to increase audience engagement. Lastly, you can delegate email and message responding to your marketing virtual assistant so your clients can get prompt and personalized responses to reviews, messages, and concerns.

Virtual Receptionist

Your virtual assistant can take your calls and do other customer care tasks for you. Just like a receptionist is there to greet your clients in your office, the virtual receptionist is in charge of receiving your clients’ calls, inquiries, and concerns on your behalf. As a result, you deal with serious concerns while your VA answers and endorses important calls and concerns to you.

How do I hire a Magic Assistant?

Hiring a Magic Assistant
Hiring a VA for your healthcare startup ensures that routine and simple tasks are done promptly and enables you to handle your core responsibilities more efficiently.
Here are the five steps to hiring a Magic Assistant:

  1.  Discovery Call. It’s done to answer your questions and know your health startup business requirements.
  2.  Matching. Incorporating your requirements as discussed, we choose the candidates most suited to your needs.
  3.  Candidate Selection. We give a list of candidates for you to choose from and set an interview schedule for the chosen candidates.
  4.  Intro Call. We introduce you to the shortlisted candidates so you can meet and evaluate them yourself, and decide who to hire.
  5.  Onboarding. Once you’ve chosen, we will do the onboarding process so your VA can start working with you as soon as possible.

If you don’t find a good match, we’ll give other candidates based on your feedback until we match you with the right magic virtual assistant. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a Magic Assistant now!

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