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Top 5 Qualities A Textile Company Administrative Support Should Possess

Top 5 Qualities A Textile Company Administrative Support Should Possess

Textile Company Administrative Support

The textiles industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, employing millions of people worldwide. It’s characterized by short response times, a large variety of products, and a volatile and complex structure of supply chains. Employing administrative support allows textile company owners to gain access to business opportunities.

Administrative Support and What They Do

An administrative support assistant, or admin assistant for short, is a virtual assistant responsible for assisting top executives or coordinating the affairs of entire departments.  Their primary duties are managing and disseminating information within the company. They are also in charge of data entry work and processing invoices.

Textile company administrative support, in particular, can also be assigned logistics duties and responsibilities. They can also undertake account management to build strong relationships with customers and ensure that key business executives always maintain an open connection.

Other tasks they can do for textile companies include:


Office administration receives a lot of scheduling tasks including event coordination and travel itineraries. Employing administrative support to handle your or your team’s schedules ensures that these appointments are received and your VA reminds you to attend to these engagements.

Have admin support ready the materials you need for each meeting so you’re well-prepared for each one you attend. You’ll be more confident in conducting meetings if your reports are ready and you just have to refresh your memory on any relevant data.

Organization Tasks

Admin support assistants can ensure tasks and schedules remain organized even when your business deals with shifting priorities. An administrative VA can prepare reports, reply to emails, schedule calls, and find documents while coordinating with other staff members regardless of where they’re working from.

Your virtual assistant should handle these tasks according to priorities:

  • Setting appointments and managing multiple calendars
  • Filing documents and updating databases
  • Establishing filing systems
  • Creating email templates
  • Keeping sensitive information secure

Top 5 Qualities of a Great Administrative Assistant

Qualities of a Great Administrative Assistant

Here are five qualities that you should consider when hiring an administrative assistant for your textile company:

1. Detail-Oriented

Admin work requires tracking and updating information. They manage company data, track customer appointments, organize meetings, and file records. To run smoothly and efficiently, all information must be accurately updated and kept secure at all times. If something is wrong, your VA should be the first one to notice it, resolve it if able, or inform you if not.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Administrative support deals with customers, managers, business partners, and other people inside and outside your textile company.

Some signs that your VA can cultivate this skill include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Cooperation and teamwork

Great admin support can use all these skills to competently manage administrative tasks assigned to them.

3. Organization Skills

An organized administrative assistant can help you keep track of business transactions. With the volume of data that admin support handles, they must be highly organized to keep the fort running smoothly. You can see this with properly labeled and presented files and sorted data. This makes it easier to locate files and information whenever you need it.

4. Technological Skills

Virtual assistants can take the lead in using the integration tools that support your textile company. Thus, they need to know how to use whichever collaboration, productivity, analytic, and presentation software you use or plan to adopt. In short, they must have this skill to manage the virtual office and digital records systematically.

5. Communication Skills

Effective communication is another essential quality that your administrative support should possess. They’ll serve as your textile company voice since they’ll be representing you when doing their tasks. So, they must be able to talk like you as well.

Your VA should use your brand voice and tone when communicating via email or speaking in person or on the phone. Their manners must also be excellent and in line with your reputation. They should be professional enough to deal with different kinds of people. Also, communication is not just about talking. It’s also about listening and your virtual support must be a good listener as well.

How Magic Finds The Right Administrative Support For You

Magic Administrative Support

Your administrative support deals with your day-to-day office operations. Their work covers everything from filing paperwork, preparing documents, answering phone calls to managing your calendar. They ultimately strive to let your office run smoothly and efficiently to allow you to perform your duties as best as you can.

Magic aims to be your trusted virtual assistant services provider of reliable administrative support. We also make it easy for you to hire one in as fast as 72 hours. Check our guide on the hiring process that enables you to get the shortlisted candidates that we’ve determined to be most suitable for your requirements. So, call us today to hire your administrative support.

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