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What is Magic?

What is Magic?

Magic is not only the name of Orlando’s NBA team, a popular radio station, and what David Blaine does for a living. Magic is also (more importantly) a personal assistant app you can use everyday to be even more productive and to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Chat with us on our app, tell us exactly what you want to accomplish, and we’ll get to work. Whenever you need something done but you don’t have the time to do it, you can now send it to Magic instead.

Magic gives you more time each day and lets you focus on what’s important. It’s one of the few “life upgrades” you can buy that actually work and will substantially improve your life.

Magic is more than just an app

Don’t have time to wait on hold with American Airlines to cancel a flight? Send it to Magic! In the middle of a meeting, but there’s a water leak at home? Send it to Magic!

This isn’t a basic robot/AI/algorithm, like the assistant that comes with your phone. We won’t get you tickets to “snail world” when you, in fact, asked for tickets to Sea World.

What Magic can do is far beyond what any app or piece of software can do, because Magic has real people doing real work for you, whenever you need it.

How to use Magic

Just download the app and start texting us. That’s all you’ll have to do!

We respond quickly—in just seconds—24/7, 365 days a year. You never have to wait for the next business day to get a reply, and none of our replies are canned messages or from bots. We always have personal assistants online, ready to work on anything you give us.

The hardest part about using Magic can actually be figuring out what to use it for. Because we can do everything, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you could use it for.

We recommend starting with your current to-do list, or thinking about aspects of your life you’d like to improve. You don’t need to have a specific idea of how to get it done. Magic will chat with you to figure out what you need and how exactly they can help you.

Here’s what happens when you ask Magic to do something

Let’s imagine your garage door needs to be repaired. The door won’t open, and you can’t back your car out. Maybe you’ve been parking on the street for the last 2 weeks because you just haven’t gotten to looking into fixing it.

Just text us in your own words what you need to get done. It doesn’t matter how you phrase it.. Texting “garage door repair” is fine, and “garage door repair ASAP” is even better, since it tells us we should be prioritizing speed.

A simple text is all you need to get started.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, we come up with a game plan and propose it to you. In this scenario, our plan would be to call highly rated repair services near you. While on the phone, Magic will ask each service how quickly they can show up and for what price. After a half dozen calls, Magic will text you back with the best options.

Magic will always let you know what it’s going to do and when it will update you.

Once Magic starts working on your task, you don’t need to do anything. Go ahead and put your phone away. Magic will give you a specific time when it will text you back with an update on its progress. Magic will always update you on time, thanks to our advanced task management system, and will never drop a task. And if anything goes wrong, or if Magic hits a roadblock, we’ll let you know and adjust course.

What exactly can Magic do?

Anything. Seriously, anything. Just ask us.

OK, sure, we’re not going to rob a bank for you. But as long as it’s legal and possible, we’ll do it. Here’s how.

If the task is simple, like making a phone call, purchasing something online, doing research, filling out documents, etc., we’ll do the work ourselves. We can make purchases, log into your accounts, negotiate on your behalf on the phone, hire someone to wait in line for you, or whatever else you need.

If the task is more complicated and/or requires a specialist, we become an extremely organized project manager. Magic will find, coordinate with, and handle payment for the third-party vendors and experts we enlist to get it done.

We love complicated requests, like building custom movie props and one-of-a-kind costumes like these fully operational robotic arms! (Instagram)

We’ve helped startups obtain millions of dollars of funding, created custom robotic movie props (see image above), completely remodeled homes, planned an entire wedding, and much, much more.

Magic’s team is trained to handle hard requests

Magic’s personal assistant app handles hard requests and large projects by breaking them down into smaller, actionable steps. At each step, Magic will always set a next action and give you a clear deadline when it will get done, so you always know what’s going on and what to expect.

We hold ourselves to a high standard. Less than 5% of assistants who apply to work at Magic are accepted into training, and only a fraction of those accepted pass training to become a Magic personal assistant. The average assistant at Magic is a college graduate from a top school and a full time employee at Magic with benefits. We’re extremely proud of the excellence in our teams, and you’ll notice the difference as you use the app.

The other reason Magic is so reliable is because of our task management software. All assistants at Magic use proprietary software we’ve developed to track and fulfill every task. The software makes sure each task has a promised update and makes sure that update happens on time.

This means, Magic will never drop your task or forget to update you on time, even if you have 100+ simultaneous tasks going on.

What’s on your to-do list?

The first step to using Magic’s personal assistant app is to download it. Once you have the app, you can start delegating work to a personal assistant right away.

So, what’s on your to-do list? Our personal assistants are ready to start checking items off for you.

Or if you don’t know what to send us quite yet, start chatting with us, and we’ll brainstorm and come up with some ideas.

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