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What Can Magic Virtual Assistants Do?

What Can Magic Virtual Assistants Do?

What is Magic?

Magic provides you with a remote virtual workforce. Magic’s virtual assistants are college-educated professionals that can assist you with any task. You can use Magic anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Using Magic is like hiring a team of employees, only without the costs of hiring, training, or management. Spin up a virtual assistant in just seconds, and stop using it whenever you want.

Magic handles both personal and business related tasks. Magic can plan travel, do research, perform data entry, collect sales leads for you, or help manage any other project you have at work. Let’s dive a little more into what Magic can do.

Magic Virtual Assistants can Work on Anything

Magic virtual assistants are trained to be generalists and do all of the administrative and logistic work to complete your task. If Magic can do the task itself, Magic’s virtual assistants will simply complete the task for you. (Example: doing online research.)

If the task requires a third party service or expert, Magic will hire them and work with them, coordinating everything until it’s been completed. (Example: landscaping your yard.)

Personal tasks delegated to Magic include: performing online research, data entry, calendaring and scheduling meetings, creating travel itineraries as well as coordinating your travel arrangements, booking appointments, coordinating deliveries (even if there is no delivery service serving that location), creating custom items, and anything else you need done.

Magic’s virtual assistants can also help you grow and manage your business. Businesses delegate these tasks to Magic: lead generation, lead qualification, handling customer support tickets/answering customer queries, bookkeeping, market research, data entry, and automating your online store. Check out the get started guide for businesses.

How to Use Magic

Using Magic is easy. Sign up and create an account. You may do this on our website or through the mobile app. You can communicate with Magic via text messages, email, website, Telegram, or via the mobile app.

Magic works over text. Send Magic any task in plain English, and Magic will get to work.

You can delegate any task to Magic. Send over your to-do list, or delegate individual tasks as needed. You can do this by describing what you want Magic to do over text. You can also help explain what you need to get done by sending Magic a document or website. For example, you can send Magic a spreadsheet and tell it to fill out the columns and rows with informationl.

Magic will always let you know what it’s working on and when it will get back to you. At any point, you can adjust Magic’s strategy and tell it to work on something else. It’s totally flexible. The more you’re able to delegate, the more you’ll be able to get done.

Curious how Magic’s virtual assistants can help you? Tell us what you need or get started right away.

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