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How Remote Work Makes It Easier to Hire

December 8, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses were forced to adapt to new challenges. Teams had to go fully remote in order to survive. You might be struggling to find your footing now that your team has adopted remote work solutions. Or, like us, you could be reaping the benefits of your newly remote teams—better productivity, less overhead costs, more thoughtful communication. We want to add to that list: easier hiring.

Barriers No More

Remote teams means that there are no more geographical barriers to hiring. Talent is now location-agnostic, and it’s easier than ever to bring on talented individuals from anywhere in the world. Now that you have the tools to work remotely, what’s stopping you from hiring beyond borders?

Enter Virtual Assistants

Now that remote work has transformed how we work, you might be looking for a way to grow your remote team quickly, reliably, and efficiently. Then you might be looking for a virtual assistant. With a virtual assistant, there’s no need to pay for benefits, office space, and equipment. They’re often paid by the hour, too, so they only need to work (and you only need to pay) when there’s actually work to do.

How Magic Can Help

There are a lot of benefits to having a virtual assistant, but hiring them takes time, energy, and often, some trial-and-error. We have a solution: Magic Dedicated Assistant. We’ll take on all the sourcing, screening, and hiring to get you a Dedicated Assistant that’s a perfect match for your business. We know that it doesn’t always work out the first time. That’s why we’ll replace your Dedicated Assistant with another if they aren’t a great fit.

Magic has always been there to help you get things done. Now, we can help make your business better by growing your team for as low as $10 an hour. We’ll match you with a Dedicated Assistant within three to five days. It’s the fastest, easiest way to scale up with a great virtual assistant.

Get started today.

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