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10:26 AM
For district, can you make an appt for me at 11 am on saturday for a haircut
10:27 AM
I can definitely look into getting you an appointment at District Barbers this Saturday at 11AM PDT. I'll update you in 30 minutes.

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10:31 AM
Your appointment with District Barbers is set on Saturday at 11AM PDT. Anything else I can do for you today? :)
10:35 AM
Enjoy your haircut! Would you like me to arrange lunch to be delivered to you after your cut?
11:30 AM
11:30 AM
ill take one of the new options

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11:33 AM
Awesome! I can have the Slice Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce for an estimate of $8.25 from Spicy Garden. Would you like to proceed with that option?
11:33 AM
yea sounds good. i'll take a coke w/ that and im at hq
11:34 AM
however i may not be able to come down and pick it up since ill be in meetings. i wonder if they can bring it up?
11:47 AM
We’ll certainly make sure they can, Molly. We’ve confirmed your order and will update you when the driver has arrived and is coming up.
11:49 AM