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What Is A Virtual Remote Assistant?

What Is A Virtual Remote Assistant?

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virtual remote assistant

A virtual remote assistant is someone who works for you virtually or through the use of the internet. They could be working anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connection. They’re also able to work independently or with minimal supervision.

OneVirtualSolutions documented the steady demand for virtual remote assistants since 2015. Statista also noted that outsourcing companies have profited over $85 Billion from 2010-2019. 70% of the outsourcing companies mentioned above offer virtual remote assistance. This just proves that there has been a steady increase in demand for virtual remote assistance.

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Remote Assistant

  1. Saves you time – They are recommended for people who have a lot of tasks at hand, people who are just starting out their business, and people who need an extra hand in managing their business.
  2. Cheaper than an employee – Having a virtual remote assistant is the most cost effective way in having extra help since they are cheaper than having a physical personal assistant. They are also paid by the hour so you don’t need to pay for days that they’re not working. Physical or in-person meetings are not necessary so it could also save you time and money from transportation.
  3. Flexibility – Virtual Remote Assistants have flexible working schedules. This makes them more ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to manage an assistant.

Managing Different Time Zones

Virtual remote assistants can be working anywhere in the world, they could be in a city with a different time zone than yours. In this case, how will you manage your virtual remote assistant effectively?

  • Choose one time zone to use – It’d be best to choose one time zone to avoid any missed communication and deadlines. Choose the time zone where your clients are, this way you can have your virtual assistant answer client queries in real time.

Remote Management

Remote management can be pretty challenging since everything will be done through the internet. From relaying instructions, training, managing, to meetings. One of the best way to effectively manage remotely is to establish which apps you’ll be using for messaging, project management, and shared storage. Top rated apps to look at are Slack for messaging, Trello for project management, and Google Drive for shared storage. These apps are highly rated and used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the world.

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