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5 Tasks You Can Outsource Now

January 20, 2021

Let’s face it: you’re not good at everything. With outsourcing, you don’t have to be. You can easily delegate tasks to freelancer or virtual assistant to get repetitive, time-consuming work off your plate. More and more businesses (yes, even smaller ones) are choosing to outsource tasks to cut costs and boost productivity.

What is Outsourcing?

Put simply, outsourcing is when you hire an outside party to perform services or produce goods.

Outsourcing increases efficiency, reduces costs, and in many cases, improves the quality of work. Given the current ubiquity of remote work, outsourcing has become all the more appealing, especially as the COVID-19 crisis pressures businesses to cut costs wherever possible.

Here Are 5 Tasks You Can Outsource Now:

  1. Research – Kickstart your research project by hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant to help you get the work done, from researching competitors to putting together the pros and cons of a product.
  2. Graphic Design –  Design matters. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to outsource projects a talented freelancer to fully realize that logo or banner in your head and boost your brand’s image—literally.
  3. Administrative Tasks – Need someone to manage your email or calendar or handle tedious data entry tasks? Outsourcing to a virtual assistant lets you focus on core business tasks without having to worry about the small stuff.
  4. Marketing – You need a strategic marketing strategy, and fast. Outsourcing to a freelance marketer or an assistant with social media experience is a popular (and successful) way of getting your online marketing needs into the hands of an experienced professional.
  5. Writing – You don’t have to be a master wordsmith when you can outsource writing tasks to an experienced writer. Whether it’s copywriting or social media posts, the right words can help your business grow, and the right person can get it done for you through outsourcing.

How Do You Know When to Outsource?

Granted, there is no “correct” time to outsource. It all depends on your company’s needs, goals, and capabilities. But if you find yourself bogged down by repetitive, time-consuming tasks, outsourcing may be the answer. Here are 5 reasons you should consider outsourcing now:

  1. You want to save time – Are the same tasks taking up too much of your time? Outsourcing repetitive tasks can help clear your to-do list and give you more time to focus on bigger projects at hand.
  2. You want to cut costs – Hiring new employees can be expensive—it’s estimated to cost approximately $4,100 per employee. Outsourcing, on the other hand, eliminates the need for extra costs like training, equipment, benefits, and office space.
  3. You want to reach more talent – Local talent not cutting it for you? Outsource a project and tap into a virtually endless pool of talent equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources to get the job done.
  4. You want to maximize your team – Outsource busy work so your team can focus on their core competencies. By taking work off their plate, you reduce the risk of your team dividing their focus or burning out. You can also outsource to gain skills and capabilities your team may not have.
  5. You want to be in good hands – Outsourcing doesn’t only mean cheaper—sometimes, it means better, too. With outsourcing, you can ensure that your task is being done by a specialist who can focus on the task completely. For example, you can delegate your accounting, marketing, or HR needs to professionals and reap the benefits of an experienced team without needing to hire them full-time and in-house.

How Magic Can Help

It can be difficult to and time-consuming to begin outsourcing. Magic lets you outsource tasks on-demand by matching you with a Dedicated Assistant who can help you get things done. Let Magic handle all the sourcing, screening, and hiring. We’ll match you with a Dedicated Assistant that meets your specifications within three to five days. It’s what you need when you need it.


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