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Lead Generation

How it works

Magic can source as many new leads as you need. Magic will scrape public directories like Linkedin and AngelList or use tools like Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo. Magic will add the leads into a spreadsheet or directly into your CRM.

Adding leads into a spreadsheet

Tell Magic to build a spreadsheet and fill it with the type of leads you’re looking for.

Build a spreadsheet with the CEOs of every startup that raised a series A in the last 5 years. 

Be specific about the columns you need:

Include: name, company name, company website, founder email, founder Twitter account, founder LinkedIn account, contact email of company, size of company. Make sure the company is still alive. 

Magic will create a spreadsheet and fill out as many rows as you need.

Connecting Magic to your CRM

To give Magic access to your CRM, store your CRM login as a Secret. You can store your account’s login information, or you can create a new account for Magic. 

When you give Magic access, don’t worry about unexpected changes. Magic will always ask you permission before making any changes to your leads.

Helping Magic source leads

By default, Magic sources leads using Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo. However, Magic can source leads using virtually any approach. Just tell Magic how you would obtain the information if you were to do it yourself.

To get the company info, look on AngelList and Crunchbase. For info on the CEO, try LinkedIn and the 'About' or 'Who We Are' section of the company's website

While gathering leads, Magic may run into roadblocks along the way. For example, Magic may not be able to find an email address for every CEO. Reply with an alternative strategy:

If you can't find the CEO's email, guess it with firstname@companyname.com and mark Guess = Yes on a new column in the spreadsheet.
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