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Magic case study

“Magic makes me feel like I have superpowers”

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Daniel Odio is the CEO of Armory, a YC-backed company that provides the world’s leading continuous delivery platform, Spinnaker, at the enterprise level. Armory uses Magic to launch new initiatives faster, provide higher quality service to their customers and spend less time doing routine tasks.

Magic Turns LinkedIn Into An Automated Sales Tool

Magic completely automates Linkedin for Armory’s executives and sales team. Armory gets the full benefit of Linkedin without their sales team wasting time on the platform. For everyone on the sales team, Magic automatically finds the most relevant 1st and 2nd degree contacts and adds them into the company’s CRM, Pipedrive.

Magic and Jira makes Armory’s Support Super-Responsive, 24/7

Magic constantly monitors Armory’s Mode Dashboards to identify whenever a customer experienced an error. As soon as the error is spotted, Magic creates a support ticket in Jira. Once the ticket is made, Magic alerts Armory’s support team and engineering team so that they can address the issue immediately.

Magic Ties Together Armory’s HR Tools To Automate Employee Onboarding

Armory has internal company software for their tribe, where every employee has a profile, can communicate with one another, connect, and share information. Magic makes sure each new employee is onboarded properly and set up with their internal account. Magic syncs this information with Bamboo HR, Armory’s HR platform.

Magic case study

“Magic Helped Us Raise Over $10mm.”

Fruit Street is the first digital health and telemedicine company to deliver the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program. Magic helped Fruit Street raise over $10mm in funding by bringing more doctors onto their platform and reaching out to investors over Linkedin.


Magic Integrates With Salesforce To Automate Your Sales Funnel

To get initial seed funding, Fruit Street needed to reach out to investors interested in the telemedicine and healthcare industry. CEO Laurence Girard was getting leads on investors from Linkedin and using Salesforce to keep track of his outreach. Magic automated this entire process for him and kept his Salesforce account up to date.

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Magic Follows Any Multi-Step Process Or Workflow You Design

Fruit Street created a killer sales funnel, but they didn’t want to rely on a fully automated campaign with pre-written messages. Magic provided them with the best of both worlds. We reliably follow any system you want automated, while at the same time, we have real people doing the work, sending your leads personalized messages.

Magic Saved Fruit Street $100,000+ In Payroll Costs

Startups thrive with flexibility. Magic allowed Fruit Street to scale up and down instantly, whenever they needed it. When they needed it most, Magic scaled up to 1,000+ hours a month, equivalent of an entire sales team. When this wasn’t necessary, Magic instantly scaled down, saving them money. By being flexible, rather than a fixed cost, Magic saved Fruit Street $100,000+ in payroll costs.

Magic case study

“Magic Helped Us Recruit Engineers”

Jason Dunn is the co-founder of Made In Space Europe. Made in Space Europe specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of robotics for space. Made In Space Europe used Magic to help recruit global engineering talent.––


Magic Fills Out Any Spreadsheet With Any Information You Need

Jason Dunn, co-founder of Made in Space Europe, simply gave Magic a blank Google Sheets document. He defined the columns and rows he needed, such as Name, Title, Years of Experience, Education, Any Specialized Skills,  and Country of Residency. Magic filled out the spreadsheet and found high quality candidates that matched his criteria.

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Magic Never Drops A Task & Always Replies Immediately

Made In Space Europe used Magic to automatically reply to any engineering candidate who applied to their job posting or emailed back. That’s because Magic is 24/7, 365, and always responds immediately, in 5 minutes or less. This means you’ll be super-responsive and will never again drop a lead.

Magic Works Anywhere Around The World

Magic searched for qualified engineering candidates across the globe for Made In Space Europe. Magic works anywhere, from any country. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. Magic is sensitive to time zones and will always specify what time zone it is referring to. With Magic, no one misses a meeting by mistake and scheduling times make sense for everyone.

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