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Mum's Garage

“[Magic Dedicated] removed so much of the uncertainty I had about delegation.”

Natalie Robinson
Mum’s Garage Managing Director

Natalie’s gotten so used to delegating work that she’s realizing she doesn’t need to do everything to be successful.

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Helping people turn their business dreams into reality is what Natalie Robinson, founder and director of Mum’s Garage, does best. Based in New Zealand, Mum’s Garage offers programs, resources, and support for startups still finding their footing.

Mum’s Garage allows budding entrepreneurs to outsource their startup development. Their services include product development, marketing services, customer acquisition, financial modeling, and startup advisory.

More importantly, Mum’s Garage is a community: a home for like-minded people to support each other with idea and business development.

Natalie had been keeping up with Magic ever since the personal concierge service went viral years ago. She recognized the name and knew it could deliver results, so when one of Magic’s founders approached her about getting a Dedicated Assistant, she knew she could trust the service.


Everyday email sorting, organizing, and responding

Natalie wanted a Dedicated Assistant who could primarily help with managing her inboxes. She was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of emails she would receive on a regular basis and could no longer keep up with all her correspondence and stay productive. She wanted someone who could send emails on her behalf, archive anything that was unnecessary, and keep her inboxes clean and organized.

Easy matching process

Magic’s team knew the problem well enough, and got to work to find Natalie a Dedicated Assistant who met her specifications. Magic matched Natalie with the Dedicated Assistant Junnel. Magic set up a meeting with Natalie, Junnel, and Magic’s founder to make sure she and her Dedicated Assistant were all set to work together. “It removed so much of the uncertainty I had about delegation,” Natalie says.

“It removed so much of the uncertainty I had about delegation.”

Monitoring and scheduling meetings

Since much of Natalie’s work for Mum’s Garage involves one-on-ones for mentoring and advising, she receives a lot of emails from clients who want to schedule meetings. Junnel helps Natalie stay on top of all her emails by going through all unread messages and scheduling meetings on her behalf.

Research and outreach

On top of email management, Natalie has also delegated internet research and outreach marketing to Junnel, who even goes out of his way to suggest what Natalie can outsource. Junnel is extremely easy to work with and always works in a timely manner. “I’m really grateful for the match that’s been made,” Natalie says.

Peace of mind

Junnel’s work is integral to keeping Natalie on track so she can focus on what’s most important: her clients. “It’s given me such a peace of mind,” Natalie says, to outsource her email and calendar management to a skilled Dedicated Assistant. She’s gotten so used to delegating work that she’s realizing she doesn’t need to do everything to be successful. Now, she has a Dedicated Assistant she can count on so she can focus on what’s most important.

Interested in your own Dedicated Assistant? Get started today.

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