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Virtual Assistant Interview Questions To Find The Right Candidate

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
July 3, 2022
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Interviewing virtual assistants is an important part of the selection process. It allows you to directly ask interview questions for personal assistants and get their immediate answers. This is better than asking them to answer a virtual assistant client questionnaire since you can ask clarifying questions if you want something explained further. Before the interview, have a list of virtual assistant interview questions that you want to know their answers to. 

VA interview questions and answers should focus on information about each candidate that you won’t get by reading their resume. For example, if you advertised for a personal assistant but you found one candidate who’s a good fit for a creative virtual assistant – which you’re also looking to hire. Asking them questions pertaining to this new position is more convenient during the interview.

VA interview questions

virtual assistant using her laptop

Question # 1 :How did you get where you are today?

This question aims to show if the VA is comfortable telling people about themself. This is important if you’re looking to hire for a sales or customer service role that needs to interact well with other people. It’s also an open-ended question so they can share what they want to emphasize about themselves. It’s a good conversation starter since it’s casual and relaxed.

Question # 2 :What kind of work do you do best?

Asking this question gives you insight into how good the virtual assistant is in giving answers relevant to your line of business or industry. If the work environment of your business is fast-paced, you’d want them to tell you that they can work in this kind of environment. Then, they should be able to back this up with experience in a job where they did a great job at.

Question # 3 :Why should we hire you as a virtual assistant?

This is one of the most asked virtual assistant questions during interviews. An ideal answer cites the VA’s strong points such as being a good communicator and the ability to work independently. It’s also good for them to mention past projects that may come in handy if you hire them for this position. After all, having relevant experience should allow the candidate to handle similar situations competently in the future. If the position requires dealing with other people, telling you about their people skills also serves as another good point.

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Question # 4 :Do you have a personal office or workspace?

This question sheds light on the remote work setup of the virtual assistant. Having a ready computer setup plus a stable Internet connection should be pointed out. It’s also good to let you know if they have a UPS or other failsafe alternatives.

Question # 5 :What would you do if I assigned a task to you and you realize that you can’t do it alone only after accepting it already?

If the virtual assistant answers along the lines “I guess I would…”, then they haven’t experienced this before. It may even indicate that their experience is not as much as you want your VA to have. In contrast, someone who’s been in a similar situation can answer it directly and state how they’ve handled it – talked to their boss to ask for clarification and a guide on how to go about doing it. This is better if you’re looking for someone with hands-on experience.

Question # 6 :What would you do if I gave you a list of tasks that you later realized couldn’t be completed on time?

It’s never easy for a VA to admit that they can’t finish a task by the set deadline. Your VA answers well if they cite a time when they weren’t able to complete the set deadline including the reason for it. Even if it was because of unexpected errors, they should still acknowledge that they’re responsible for that failure. Plus, add a reassurance that they’ll do their best so it won’t happen again in the future.

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Question # 7 :Can you cite a situation in which you had to contradict your supervisor or boss?

It often takes a strong-willed and experienced virtual assistant to challenge what the business owner says, not to mention offer better alternatives to accomplish a task or project. However, this kind of virtual assistant can help you deal with many difficult tasks, even unexpected issues that can arise.

Question # 8 :You have a tight deadline and while working to finish it, your computer crashes. What do you do first?

It’s not wrong to tell you that they have backups or nearby computer shots or coworking space to go to in case of such emergencies. However, you’d still want them to inform you of the problem and how it can temporarily affect their work. Many employers complain of being left hanging for three days or longer.

Question # 9 :Can you give an experience when you improved a system or process at work?

This question helps you know if your virtual assistant has problem-solving skills. You’d want to see how they came up with good solutions to solve unexpected problems while managing a project or at work. They can cite a time when they took the initiative to find and suggest a better way to complete a goal. They can tell you about the task they needed to do, how they proceeded to do it, and emphasize the outcome.

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The shortlisted candidates can then answer your virtual assistant interview questions to help you decide on who to hire. After deciding on who to hire, you and your VA Philippines are given access to the client portal. It’s intended to support easy integration between you and your virtual assistant. Call us to hire a virtual assistant today.

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