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High-impact Tasks and Projects You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Christian Vibar
Christian Vibar
June 9, 2020

Companies that outsource to virtual assistants have continuously increased in the past decade. The cost savings, diversification of talent pool, and flexibility that virtual assistants bring to the table is a great benefit for businesses—especially if you’re looking for quality work without breaking the bank.

More than just admin assistants

Many still hire virtual assistants for low-impact tasks such as admin work. However, over the years we’ve seen just how far and wide the skillsets of VAs can go. So if you’re looking to expand your remote team, here are some high-impact tasks and projects you can outsource to virtual assistants.

Automate your lead generation funnel

Lead generation is more than just managing a list of leads in a spreadsheet. It means constant communication, follow-ups, and focusing on low-hanging fruits. In short, lead generation is a time-consuming yet necessary activity for a lot of businesses. Here are some specific lead generation tasks you can start with:

  • Reach out to leads on your behalf;
  • Schedule calls;
  • Remove unqualified leads from your CRM;
  • Create pitch decks.

Improve customer experience

Failing to respond to customers on time can lose you money. But with VAs, you can build a fully-operational, 24/7 customer support hotline as you scale up. Some customer support-related tasks you can outsource are:

  • Answering to sales inquiries;
  • Technical and after-sales support;
  • Creating a knowledge base;
  • Regularly engage your community with product updates.

Maintain your online brand and presence

Managing your online presence is another time-intensive yet critical task that you can outsource. Nowadays, there are a lot of VAs with design skills. And with tools like Buffer and Canva making social media more accessible, you can create a continuous pipeline of content for your channels. Here are the brand-related tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants:

  • Create social media graphics;
  • Write and upload posts;
  • Brainstorm for content and create a pipeline;
  • Edit and produce your podcast.

Build and ship products—fast

Many VAs nowadays are trained in Agile and can work with constrained resource, making them well-versed in the process of creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). So if you’re looking to pivot or expand your product lines, you can look to VAs to hep you with the following:

  • Research for competitors;
  • Create and launch paid user acquisition ads;
  • Deploy user surveys;
  • Demo your product;
  • Onboard new users.

Delegate project management

Successful VAs manage multiple clients at the same time, making project management one of their core skills. So whether you have a big business or an e-commerce site, VAs can help streamline operations. Some project management-related tasks you can outsource are:

  • Order fulfillment;
  • Coordinating with suppliers and contractors;
  • Workflow management;
  • Making sure that projects are completed on time.

Set up a reliable accounting system

A reliable accounting system is key to making the right business decisions—and VAs can help you in this area. Allow them to help organize your cash flow and free yourself from mental clutter. By delegating these time-consuming tasks, you can then focus on bigger tasks at hand. Here are ways VAs can help your accounting department:

  • Create and send invoices;
  • Update your cash flow and expenses;
  • Follow-up on receivables;
  • Settle accounts.

Gain multiple business perspectives

Virtual assistants have come a long way from simply executing tasks given to them. Nowadays, many VAs operate their own businesses, and do so successfully, with the skills they’ve acquired. Consider the opinions of an assistant on your team. Include them in discussions and their insights could prove valuable at the end of the day.

Minimize distractions

VAs can take on tasks that you consider a “time-suck,” so you can focus on the mission-critical items on your list. Here are some ways virtual assistants can help increase your personal productivity:

  • Get you to inbox zero;
  • Schedule meetings on your behalf;
  • Plan your travel and events;
  • Some VAs can even run errands for you!

These are only a few of dozens of big projects today’s VAs can do. If you find this guide useful, share our infographic on your website:

Infographic on High Impact Tasks and Projects to Outsource to Virtual Assistants

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