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Van•Ness Agency

“I love that you guys were able to vet someone and find someone that met my needs so quickly. […]it wasn’t [just] the quick turnaround, [but] the quality of the person that you found for me, too.”

Vanessa Hansen
Van•Ness Agency Owner and Founder

The Van•Ness Agency team. [Clockwise] Danielle Molina, the agency’s copywriter; Vanessa Hansen, the owner and founder; Danalyn Cabrera, the marketing assistant

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Van•Ness Agency is a marketing agency that specializes in social media management and digital advertising currently operating on the US East Coast. Vanessa R. Hansen started the business with the aim of making an agency with a healthy work culture.

Vanessa needed a marketing assistant to help fulfill administrative and marketing tasks. Since she needed to spend more time and energy managing the business side of her agency, she wasn’t able to carry out the hiring process herself. With Magic, Vanessa was able to find someone who could effectively and efficiently contact clients, set appointments, and provide quality marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) deliverables.

Magic’s Quick and Painless Matching Procedure

Before being matched with her assistant, Vanessa struggled to recruit. She was working seven days a week for three weeks straight at one point, which left no time to source and screen for new staff. Instead of taking on this responsibility, Vanessa reached out to Magic, who carried out the hiring process for her.

Once Magic selected the right candidate for the job, Vanessa and the agency’s VP for marketing had the opportunity to interview the applicant and they both immediately loved her.

“…I love that Dana takes initiative, I love that she asks a lot of questions, I love that […] she’ll follow up with things and she won’t let me forget things and that’s really what I wanted and I’m so glad that I found her,” Vanessa says.

A Cheerful and Productive Approach to Fulfilling VA Responsibilities

Danalyn, fondly referred to as Dana, wears many hats as Vanessa’s assistant. Though her official role is that of a marketing assistant, she handles administrative work and customer support as well. She emails and ensures that Vanessa is updated on client messages, appointments, and other time-sensitive information. She also helped set up a new CRM program made to boost the company’s growth. She helps manage the agency’s social media channels, too.

Vanessa was especially impressed by Dana’s ability to undertake multiple tasks and maintain her upbeat energy.

“She’s been able to completely dive in and take over messaging clients for me, contacting them, and setting up meetings. You don’t realize how much time that takes up until you stop doing it and have someone else to help you. She’s also great with keeping me on task, with things reminding me of meetings, [and] appointments. …And [she’s] helping me with marketing tasks and she’s learning a lot.”

“She also just brings a positive light and energy every day into the office, I love that.”

To carry out her CRM responsibilities, Dana uses different software such as Keep and Infusion. When she needs to make creative assets, she turns to Canva. Currently, she is learning how to use MailChimp for marketing tasks.

An Independent and Goal-Oriented Assistant

Considering Van•Ness Agency’s goal to generate approximately $300,000 a year, the organization needs to enhance its customer service, among other aspects of the business, to achieve that objective. According to Vanessa, Dana has played an instrumental role in pursuing this target by establishing a new CRM program, which is Dubsado.

“…she’s been working hard behind the scenes with me to set up a new CRM program and  learning everything and I’m kinda leaning on her. She knows more than I do at this point.[…] So that is very helpful because that’s a huge transition in the company. And her and I, [we are] working together on how we’re going to increase our customer service and make it even better.”

Vanessa also added that Dana is quite autonomous as an assistant.

“Dana is extremely skilled with that so it’s like I don’t even have to explain to her how I want my clients to be treated. She just knows and gets it, so that’s been exciting because big things are coming for us.”

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