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How To Improve Your Business: Breaking Boundaries With Magic

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
June 22, 2022
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As small business owners, you have to actively determine how to improve your business to sustain growth and success. One way is to hire a Magic assistant to deal with routine tasks that come with business improvement. 

Virtual assistants can give you the flexibility you need to experiment with various business improvement tactics. Some methods you can look into include monitoring your business funds, and researching trending methods to increase business performance. 

Managing a small business requires an aptitude for dealing with prospective clients. Ask your VA to reach out to customers to establish good relationships with them. In addition, organize your processes so a virtual assistant can answer queries promptly, allowing your existing customers to have a good impression of your after-sales services. You can also ask your VA to start building brand awareness for your business to attract more customers, resulting in business growth.

How To Improve your Business with a Magic Assistant

Determining specific areas to improve in your small business allows you to strengthen your weak points. Hire a Magic assistant to help execute daily tasks for your small business. With your VA handling routine tasks, you can focus on evaluating and fine-tuning best business practices to be better suited for your business.

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Here are four small business development ideas you should evaluate in your own business:

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# 1.Your VA updates your books regularly so you can track finances easily

The road to success starts with close monitoring of finances. Make sure you know your financial capacity to be able to pay your dues and fund ongoing projects. To ensure that you see accurate data, ask your Magic assistant to update your income and expenses daily or weekly. They should include all business transactions regularly. 

Checking the summaries informs you of your current cash flow. This helps you decide on when to proceed with any project on hold – at least until you secure additional funds or get new long-term investments to finance it. Or approve the resumption of a project since some clients settled their debts with your business.

# 2.Your Magic assistant can help you with customer acquisition and retention

Your Magic assistant can increase brand awareness by publishing targeted content on platforms that your customers frequently visit. They can also help you find sponsored events to increase your customer base. Or help cultivate client relationships to earn customer loyalty. In the end, a Magic assistant can help you build good customer relations to ensure customer retention.  

David Chudyk, CEO of Chudyk Financial Services and Insurance Group, hired a Magic assistant to monitor monthly reimbursements. This allowed the company to focus on delivering quality services to their clients, which earned them positive testimonials and referrals. 

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# 3.Your Magic VA can use effective marketing

A VA can help you implement low-budget but effective marketing strategies. They can test next-level marketing methods, so you can figure out which ones are the most suitable for your business. They can build your email marketing list and schedule emails to your target customers. 

They can also try your Google ads campaign suggestions for improvement to bring your product or service in front of your prospects. Plus, they can implement the most compelling digital campaigns for your business. Take it to the next level by using Shopping ads to advertise your products to active shoppers who are looking for something similar to your product.  

Truffle Shuffle, a virtual cooking class startup, hired Magic assistants to handle its sales and customer service tasks. They also took care of the administrative support and managed its online presence. As a result, Magic assistants helped Truffle Shuffle deliver its promise to its customers – to sell experiences – not just food. This startup company is proud of getting well-attended and often sold-out online classes – with Magic VAs ensuring that its guests have great experiences during their stay at this company.

# 4.Let your Magic assistant implement automation

A small business often starts with a small team that deals with all business transactions that naturally come with establishing a company. Improving business performance by automating specific routine tasks can help smoothen business processes. Determine what tasks can be automated such as scheduling meetings and interviews. They can also take care of publishing blogs, ads, and social media posts. Your Magic assistant can systematically deal with the following business tasks: 

  • Administrative 
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Tax Preparation

Automating routine tasks allows business owners to focus on expanding their business and client acquisition. This way, you ensure that your business operations are running smoothly while you’re actively growing your business.

Why Hire a Magic Assistant For Business Improvement

Hiring a Magic assistant to handle the routine tasks that come with improving your business allows you to make better and informed decisions. They can take care of keeping your business records up-to-date. They can also handle your communications and endorse queries or concerns that need your input directly. 

Success comes with constantly searching for methods and other considerations on how to improve your business. Hire a Magic assistant to deal with your routine business improvement tasks. Like monitoring what boosts your business productivity and more. Call us today to hire your Magic assistant.

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