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Magic Marketing Assistant: 10 Best Practices For A Compelling Digital Campaign

Magic Marketing Assistant: 10 Best Practices For A Compelling Digital Campaign

Magic Marketing Assistant

Whatever business you’re in, you stand to benefit from having strong content marketing in your SEO campaign. With the help of a Magic marketing assistant, you can use tested methods and tactics to create effective digital marketing campaigns.

This blog discusses ten ways to make the best use of a Magic marketing assistant in creating an effective digital marketing campaign, from implementation to tracking and optimization.

10 Best Practices In Creating Compelling Digital Campaigns

A digital campaign helps you attract new customers and allows you to directly see what your customers want. These benefits encourage business owners to put more budget into this section.

1. Combine Content Marketing and SEO

Google regularly updates the way its algorithm interacts with websites. SEO combined with content marketing is poised to be an effective approach this year. In fact, Google admits that content covers most of its metrics.

Also, reach is vital. The more visitors that go to your website, the more chances of sales and ROI for your business. So, your content needs to be linked to your website so that when they are shared on your social media accounts, your customers will find your website.

  • More content: Businesses realize the importance of content when marketing products or services. It created a digital world of information overload. To rank high in search engines,  your website must post better content.
    Hubspot suggests publishing one to four posts per week if you want your business to have more ROI. Make sure that your content is not all about quantity but quality as well. In essence, quality content brings value to the readers and increases understanding of a topic. Also, it’s focused on a niche or industry to remain relevant to a target market or audience.
  • Valuable content: Content for your digital campaign projects must be informative, entertaining, and empathetic. It should answer the questions people seek answers to in search engines. It should also be made to encourage customer engagement by way of sharing, commenting, and email subscriptions.
  • Unique content: Your content may be text, audio, or video ⁠— but whatever medium you publish in, make sure it’s original and well-made. If you can’t create content yourself, hire an expert to handle your content, especially the sales funnel and email marketing for business.
  • Appropriate content:  An infographic from Occam’s Razor shows the need to create content that is right for each stage in the conversion process. From awareness to consideration and finally the decision stage, your marketing assistant must create the appropriate buyer persona for your digital advertising strategy to convert visitors into customers.

2. Boost Social Media Presence

Customers notice your business more when you boost your presence on relevant social media networks. Know where your target customers spend most of their time online and create an attractive digital ad campaign on these relevant platforms. Remember, though, that social media is for engaging your customers and getting them to share your digital campaign. It’s not the place to pitch your products and services.

3. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Browsing

Google uses mobile-first indexing and prioritizes mobile versions of the webpages when indexing and ranking. This is because most customers use mobile phones and tablets when accessing the web. Your content must display properly on all screen sizes to provide an optimum user experience. To do this, make sure to update your web design with the latest versions of applications.

4. Use The Right Digital Marketing Tools

Remember that a digital campaign incorporates different strategies geared towards various channels such as PPC, social media, and SEO. Ensure a well-integrated marketing combination when you use the right digital marketing tools. To achieve this, get an experienced marketing assistant to run effective campaigns for you.

5. Design Matters

Design is vital when creating effective digital campaigns, infographics, web pages, landing pages, or images. Virtual assistants have a wide array of tools to choose from when designing campaigns.

  • Canva: It’s a great tool that allows VAs to create images for your social media profiles and blogs. They have templates that help design attractive images even for non-designers with no layout skills. Also, they actively add new tools and photos that you can use for infographics and memes.
  • Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for photo editing and graphic design. You can retouch, add effects, and do other edits on an image you want to improve. It’s also a great tool for creating website mockups and image compositions.

Marketing Best Practices

6. Create an Email List

Email remains a vital part of digital campaign ROI. Create an email list so you can build an intimate relationship with your potential customers. Be in their inbox, where they get important messages from family, friends, and work. This way, they can also reply to your email for more information if they want. Plus, you can build trust with your clients when you have repeated interactions with them. This ultimately increases the chances of getting conversions.

7. Spend on Digital Advertising

PPC involves paying a fee for every click made on an ad. Payment depends on the clicks your PPC ads receive. They can limit this to a daily, weekly, or monthly ad spent. A marketing assistant can create your PPC ads campaign within the allocated marketing budget. It aims to attract new visitors by reaching your target audience via advertising in places where they are most likely to hang out online.

Pay per click (PPC) campaign management is a form of digital marketing that brings in relevant traffic, engages visitors, and converts leads. Using contextual content promotion makes it an effective marketing campaign. An experienced marketing assistant will make sure the campaigns are set up properly and optimized effectively. Also, the VA can monitor its progress so they can adjust the campaign whenever it’s needed.

8. Use Infographics

Infographics are a concise way to convey information about your product or service. Readers can easily digest information on it, thus, it’s useful and convenient for both readers and campaigns.

9. Monitor Your Analytics

After creating your digital campaign, you must monitor your metrics to see how your campaigns are working. Google Analytics (GA) is used to monitor website performance including a collection of visitor insights. It allows you to identify top sources of user traffic, measure the success of your digital campaigns, and determine goal completions like added products to carts and purchases. It enables you to analyze customer behavior analytics to improve your digital campaigns, drive traffic to your website, and retain visitors better.

There are also various tools you can use to watch your analytics outside GA. Social networks such as Pinterest and Facebook have individual analytics. You can also check them all in a dashboard program like Cognos (from IBM). Other paid tools like Ahrefs and Semrush also provide great insights into analytics.

10. Integrate Strategies and Campaigns Across Channels

It can be challenging to integrate tactics and digital campaigns across channels, especially in large firms that have various teams managing different platforms and marketing tools. However, you must integrate all these to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

Some tactics you can apply for integration include:

  • Strategic planning: Set a strategic plan that will guide your marketing assistant when creating an effective digital campaign. Maintain open communication for easier and faster collaboration processes among teams working on creating and publishing posts and infographics, and the metrics utilized to evaluate them.
  • Creative meetings: To keep everyone updated, schedule creative meetings ahead of time and at a time that works for everyone. It gives all team members a chance to prepare, including setting up for virtual conferences. Regular meetings allow your team to give and get input for creative efforts and marketing campaigns under progress.
    For better integration, you must set a style guide that your marketing assistant applies for publishing posts and infographics, and other creative efforts. A brand voice ensures consistency across all marketing campaigns.
  • Master plan: There must be a person in charge of the digital campaign who ensures that everything is coordinated promptly across the marketing teams. For example, the marketing director coordinates with the team leaders of the creative, graphics, email marketing, and SEO departments to make sure that there is consistency in the branding tone, voice, and style in all marketing campaign efforts.
    Use a digital master calendar or a coordination platform like Slack to allow every team member to post what they’re doing, the assets or tools they use, and the completion date of their creative efforts. This way, everyone can work faster, especially when combining outputs intended for say, a blog post, with articles coming from the SEO team, graphics from the graphics team, and social media sharing from the SMM team.

Magic Marketing Assistants and their Specific Roles

Magic Marketing Assistant


Magic marketing assistants help startups and SMEs manage their digital marketing services by incorporating best practices in creating and marketing a digital campaign. A startup or SME business may have one team or department to handle all the roles for the company. However, larger companies may require a team to handle the tasks for each role. Check out the three roles that our marketing assistants can perform for your business.

Ads: Google Ads and Social media Ads

A marketing assistant can help you create highly engaging Google and social media ads. They are trained and experienced in creating content that converts prospects into customers. Also, they can help you create, manage, and advertise your content and make sure that it’s properly optimized to cater to your target audience and prospective customers.

Performance: SEO, SEM, and Analytics

Google Analytics is a very effective tool when tracking your SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. SEO is free and depends on organic search strategies. On the other hand, SEM often comes with a fee as it depends on paid ads. Plus, SEO requires time to show results while SEM results can be seen within a short time.

Many businesses including SMEs and startups are often overwhelmed with many tasks or are strapped with time. So, this job is best assigned to a marketing assistant. They know more tools to use for faster and more attractive content and ads. Plus, they can monitor these closely and make changes to perform better.

Campaign Strategy with Email Marketing: Campaign Creation and Analytics

This role deals with setting a brand campaign strategy and email marketing to be applied to the marketing of a given product or service. Your marketing assistant can help you manage things smoothly when creating an attractive campaign, keeping records updated, and monitoring analytics. What’s more, you can expect great insights on results from these campaigns.

How do Magic Marketing Assistants help businesses attract more customers?

Magic prides itself on providing the best virtual assistant services possible. By matching you with the right virtual assistant, you can proceed with your marketing campaigns smoothly and efficiently. Check out these five outsourcing tasks your Magic marketing assistants can help you deal with. Plus, you can expect them to perform the three roles above including:

  • Incorporating your branding into marketing efforts
  • Writing content for each buyer’s persona
  • Creating ads for your target market
  • Apply best practices to create compelling digital campaigns
  • Monitor metrics to determine the success of your campaigns

How to hire a Magic Marketing Assistant?

Creating a compelling digital campaign can be easier when you hire a Magic marketing assistant. They can apply best practices and tactics to make it effective for each buyer persona you wish to target. To hire a Magic marketing assistant, check out the virtual assistant hiring guide. Create your digital campaign with us today.

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