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6 Social Media Best Practices for Generating More Leads

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
May 31, 2022
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Social media leads allow you to target the right social media market. Knowing your audience enables you to use appropriate social media best practices to generate more leads. 

Virtual assistants understand the vital role of lead generation through social media marketing – to collect leads that can turn into customers. More importantly, they can use appropriate social media best practices to collect new leads.

What is social media lead generation

Social media lead generation refers to the process of getting new leads for a product or service through social media. The goal of this process is to turn a lead’s interest into a sale or buying experience. It involves collecting contact information – called a lead – from a website visitor using a web form.

Lyra Health, a unicorn provider of mental health benefits, takes advantage of B2B lead gen as it targets small and medium-sized businesses with 500 to 1000 employees. It works with industry leaders like Uber, Morgan Stanley, Amgen, and other companies included in the Fortune 500.

Lead generation is important because it allows you to establish credibility and trust from a particular target audience – called potential leads. It requires piquing the interest of your potential leads so they will give their contact information. Some way to get them interested is to offer free downloads or templates if your company is offering software or apps. Professional services can provide free consultations for new signups.

Knowing how to increase leads through social media eventually enables you to build online visibility so that you can get quality prospects that can become valuable customers.

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How to Increase Leads on Social Media

There are many social media best practices that SMEs and startups can apply to increase brand awareness and brand engagement.

Here are six tips for getting more social media leads:

1. Optimize your company profile

The best social media practices require optimizing your company profiles on whichever social networks you use. These serve as online calling cards, so they should provide your contact information such as your company name, address, contact number, email address, and website link. They should also have sign-up forms for your newsletter, shop, or company offers.

Aside from contact information, you should have call-to-action (CTA) buttons. These will push visitors to act depending on your goal for each page. For example, add a Subscribe button to your Facebook page if you want your viewers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Add Book as CTA on your Facebook or Instagram profiles if you want to get appointments, Reserve if you’re a restaurant, and Get Tickets for consultation bookings.

Lastly, link to your Instagram bio from Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social networks. The added traffic can improve your profile’s standing in search results By keeping a link manager on that profile, you can, in turn, direct profile visitors to take other, more specific actions.

An audio-based social media application startup, Clubhouse uses Sign up as its CTA. Once a visitor clicks the Signup button, they’ll be directed to the website home page. The home page offers various options for the visitors including downloading their app for easier access, their blog section, and jobs.

2. Make your content clickable

You need to create compelling content to increase your chances of collecting leads. Social media best practices emphasize the importance of publishing high-quality, informative content that serves primarily to help your target, with self-promotion as a secondary goal. If you put your customer’s needs first, engagement and revenue will follow.

Here are some examples of clickable content:

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3. Create landing pages that promote user-experience

Landing pages such as your home page serve as the doors to your website. So, they should be clear on the business offers you provide. Create them to be user-friendly and as a practical solution to visitors’ problems. This way, more visitors will be attracted to them and your offers.

To promote user experience, make sure that you’re using a responsive web design. This means using applications that allow your users to view the whole landing page on any device including smartphones, tablets, or computers.

The content of your landing pages must also be readable. Use enough white space so your readers aren’t overwhelmed, and keep your copy concise.

Lastly, check that your content loads quickly and that your links redirect them to working pages. This requires constant monitoring so you can update links with errors.

4. Take advantage of social lead ads

Lead generation on social media allows you to get new leads using their platform ads. Let’s discuss three platforms that provide their own ad format to boost lead generation namely: Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Facebook has a particular lead ad format that marketers can use. These forms are promoted to encourage new users to sign up and their shared data is synced to your customer management system. Your sales team can then follow up on the leads until they become your customers. Remember to install Facebook Pixel on your site to easily track leads and see their costs.

LinkedIn offers lead gen forms, which are ad formats used for social media lead generation. These ads are available as Sponsored InMail or Message Ads on LinkedIn. It’s more convenient to use it since it uses your profile information to pre-fill sections of your form, leaving you to fill out just the remaining blank sections to complete your lead gen form.

YouTube TrueView for Action helps advertisers push one specific action like generating leads. It’s designed to bring people to your website, making it a great tool for lead gen and direct response campaigns.

Shopify uses social media ads effectively as it allows its users to include social media platforms in their Shopify accounts. This way, their users can directly sell their products and services on particular social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Providing a flexible and user-friendly e-commerce platform is one of their prime sales points.

5. Offer good sharing incentives

Provide the right incentive so people share their information with you. Your incentives serve as sweeteners so you can get the right leads. Here are the five best incentives for social media lead generation:

  • Free ebooks, templates, and PDF downloadables
  • Gift certificates, sweepstakes, or products
  • Webinar entries 
  • Offers with a collaborator
  • Coupons
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Gated content in the form of invite-only webinars, whitepapers, and access to certain Facebook groups can serve as compelling incentives too. It’s natural to ask for an email address so you can send a whitepaper. You can even ask for job titles and additional information to better personalize your marketing efforts.

A study conducted by Demand Gen Report called on US marketers to rate tactics according to best lead results. Here are the findings:

  • Webinars – 35%
  • Email newsletters – 29%
  • Thought leadership articles – 28%
  • Whitepapers – 26%
  • Customer content including reviews and case studies – 25%
  • Sales emails – 21%

Remember to tell your customers their reward for sharing their information with you. Whether your goal is to earn loyalty or offer rewards in the near future, creating a good reason for sharing their information always takes priority.

6. Keep track of analytics

Collecting data from social media for lead gen requires gathering analytics insights as well to determine the best source of leads among the social media platforms. The simplest way to do this is to set up your Google Analytics to determine leads that enter your website. So, if you see that, say, there are more leads from Linkedin than on Facebook, then it’s worth giving more effort towards LinkedIn.

Through social analytics tools, you can determine the kind of messaging and creative that performs the best, resulting in better retargeting of marketing efforts.

Generate More Leads With A Virtual Assistant

Magic virtual assistants are proactive in helping our clients execute their chosen lead generation strategies. They can also help you optimize your profiles and discover how to generate leads on social media that will get better results for your business. Plus, they can create progress reports on your social media lead generation efforts so you can easily see how the strategies are faring. 

Magic is dedicated to providing reliable and skilled virtual assistants to our clients. Plus, we promote seamless collaboration. So, we’ve created a client portal, where you can assign work and communicate with your VA. You’ll be given access to it as soon as you hired a Magic assistant.

Here’s our guide for the detailed hiring process. Hire a digital marketing assistant to help you use the social media best practices for your digital marketing. Call us today to get started.

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