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Outbound Sales

How it works

Completely automate your outbounding campaigns. Magic can outbound potential customers for you every single day, using email, Linkedin, or any other platform. If someone responds to your message, Magic can reply for you immediately. Magic is super responsive and always replies in five minutes or less.

Personalized messages

Magic can write custom messages tailored to each individual recipient. This allows you to send messages that are more personalized than any software could generate.

You can offer a general idea of what you’re looking for, either by text or on the phone with your account manager, and Magic will write the messages for you. 

You can also send over a prewritten message. To leave room for personalization, include blanks for Magic to fill out. For example, you can text Magic:

Hey [NAME], this is John Smith, CEO of MyCompany.io. Saw what you're doing at [COMPANY NAME] -- it's really cool that you're [DESCRIBE WHAT THE PRODUCT DOES]. 

I'm building a machine learning team at MyCompany.io and would love your thoughts on best practices / what to avoid. If you have 15 minutes this week, here's my availability: [CALENDLY LINK GOES HERE].

Magic will fill in the blanks for you, even if it includes a complex instruction such as “describe what the product does.”

Fast replies

Magic will help you close leads while they’re still warm by responding to any reply in less than five minutes. 

For each reply, Magic will write a custom message on the fly, based on your objective. For example, if you’re trying to get leads to sign up through a website, Magic will include the link in the reply. If you’re trying to schedule a call, Magic can ask for their availability. If they ask to no longer be messaged, Magic can unsubscribe them or add them to a DNO list.

You can change anything about how Magic responds. Magic is completely customizable and will learn any protocol you provide.

Weekly reporting

Magic can provide weekly (or daily – or at any other frequency) reporting of all key metrics of your outbounding campaign. Just tell Magic what you want reported and how often you’d like a report. Magic will create the exact report you need to give you visibility into your campaign.

For example, you can text Magic:

Friday each week give me the following report: number of outbounds sent, open rate, number of replies, number who you think expressed interest, number of sign ups.
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