Lead Qualification - Magic Virtual Assistant

Lead Qualification

How it works

Magic will update your list of leads, making sure all of the information is filled out and accurate. Magic will use API calls from software like ZoomInfo or Sales Navigator to automatically fill out as much of the missing information as possible. Magic’s remote team will manually fill out the rest.

Giving Magic access to your leads

You can either send Magic a spreadsheet, or give Magic access to your CRM.

Sending a spreadsheet

Export your leads into a CSV or Excel file, host the file on your server, and then send Magic a link.

If you use Google Sheets, it’s an even simpler process. Magic supports all of the Google Apps in G Suite right out of the box. Just send Magic a link to the Google Sheet, and Magic will request permission to edit.

Connecting Magic to your CRM

To give Magic access to your CRM, store your CRM log in as a Secret. You can store your account’s login information, or you can create a new account for Magic.

When you give Magic access, don’t worry about unexpected changes. Magic will always ask you permission before making any changes to your leads.

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