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Building Business with a Remote Workforce: Startups and SMEs

Building Business with a Remote Workforce: Startups and SMEs

Building Business with a Remote Workforce

Building business as the leader of a startup or small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)  can be a rewarding experience. However, establishing and growing one is easier said than done. Hiring and managing remote teams of virtual assistants to handle tasks such as correspondence, security, and productivity system maintenance can make the process easier.

Young companies are established to offer a unique service or product to meet the needs of a specific market, startups can be “disruptors” of big companies in their industry by targeting specific clientele that big companies may ignore. As such, building business for startups or small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has some unique considerations to take into account.
Here are three main points to consider:

  1.  Set Funding
    Funding is one of the most important⁠—and most difficult to manage⁠—aspects of building a successful startup or SME. You should know how to raise funds and determine where to allocate them to avoid misappropriations and unnecessary expenditure.
    Are you going to apply for credit or get from your capital contributions? Where will you get the funding, say, to set up your marketing campaigns or produce your products or services? Should you hire people now, or can you and your partners manage things on your own for now? If you need more people, hiring a remote workforce is the good course of action. They can be flexible and affordable enough even for business startups or SMEs like you, who have minimal funding.
  2.  Hire Manpower
    Even business startups or SMEs eventually need manpower. After all, you cannot expect yourself to be all over the place attending to every single task. The best move is for you to hire a personal assistant to do your routine tasks⁠—and scale up as your business starts to grow.
    When you need additional people to hit the goals you set in building business, tapping a remote workforce is the answer. Hiring a dedicated virtual secretary or two to manage your marketing campaigns and communication should help increase business awareness and visibility eventually.
  3.  Building Business Clients
    It’s important to establish a presence so more people become aware of your business. Hiring virtual assistants to create and maintain your website and social media accounts can help market your business. Your VAs can also create campaigns to launch in your target locations.
    Building your business can be easier when you employ dedicated virtual assistants to attend to researching competitors while facilitating marketing and communications for you.

What are the pain points in business?

Business owner struggling to run his business
A new company inevitably encounters pain points while setting up and building business operations. You can expect issues that require immediate attention everyday.
Pain points can arise in challenges to ideals or to more practical or material matters. The former include feelings of neglect and underappreciation that result in discontentment at work. On the other hand, the latter involve monetary and sales issues.

Here are prime examples and suggestions on how to solve business pain points by engaging a remote workforce.

  1.  Limited Resources
    Resources include money, time, and manpower. Being a young company, it’s understandable that you’ll have limited resources. But here’s where you can get creative⁠—allocate it to where it can have the most benefit to your business. For example, hiring a virtual secretary to manage your schedule, correspondence, data entry, etc. so you can focus on building contacts and clients to increase sales ultimately.
    A remote workforce allows you to scale up or down depending on your needs and capacity to pay. Plus, they can supply you with much-needed virtual assistants to free more of your time. It gives you more time to practice how to deliver your sales pitches and business presentations while your VA prepares the slide decks of your presentation.
    Overall, they empower you to be a good representative for your business to prospective suppliers and customers. That’s reduced costs with optimum resource management for you!
  2.  Lack of Knowledge and Experience
    Building business startups requires a broad set of skills, and you can hardly be an expert at all of them. While it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can leave certain specifics to people with more experience. You can employ trained and experienced virtual assistants to assist in building your business according to their areas of expertise.
    Remote assistants can boost your productivity in system processes that work, efficient record-keeping, and updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). For example, an experienced virtual assistant serves as your unifying glue to reduce unnecessary delays and mix-ups in updating your calendar and setting up meetings.
  3.  Lack of Support
    Even a great idea or business venture cannot prosper without the appropriate support. Hiring remote virtual assistants can provide marketing and administrative support whenever you need it. Train them so they know the branding that you want to show and achieve in your marketing efforts.
    Streamline operations to provide better support and quicker response to you and your business operations. Keep communications open and encourage rapport so everyone in your company can have the proper assistance in case help is needed. Ensure concerned teams coordinate to complete projects on time and within budget: for example, having marketing, project management and finance teams all on the same page can ensure a good website launch.

How do Magic Dedicated Assistants help achieve the clients’ business goals?

Magic Assistant helping a business owner

With a team of qualified and skilled remote workforce professionals, Magic can find the right candidate to fulfill the work in any department or designation. All these ensure you’ll be building business operations as smoothly as possible.
Boost efficiency in building business processes and marketing effectiveness when you get a Magic Dedicated Assistant. To book an appointment, call us now.

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