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Should You Hire a Sales Assistant for Your Tech Startup

Should You Hire a Sales Assistant for Your Tech Startup

Running a Tech Business

Building a startup means hovering between opportunities and threats. While the US gives rise to several startups each year, tech startups have the highest business failure rate at 63%. There are many factors, including misreading market demand, running out of funding, and ineffective marketing. But one major determinant for lasting stability and opportunities for growth is sales.

Why sales are the most important part of business

A tech startup offers a solution to a market by developing innovative technology products or services driven by innovation and collaboration. This means startups live and die by their ability to continuously innovate to meet⁠—or drive⁠—demand.

Creating and iterating on these solutions relies on having steady access to cash⁠. The question for new startups is: What’s the best way to get it?

When you’re starting a tech company, sales should be a driving force in scaling your business. Steady sales also enable your startup to be financially independent as you won’t have to rely on investors for capital. That’s why many business experts suggest launching your minimum viable product (MVP) as soon as possible to get valuable feedback from real users. This, in turn, allows you to create a better product that consumers will be willing to pay for.

Your sales department can demonstrate how valuable your product is to consumers, setting your company apart from other tech startups. Hence, the sales staff is a crucial asset to a business because without their efforts, development, branding, and marketing will just be pointless.

Tasks you can outsource to a sales assistant

Magic Sales Assistant

Running a startup is not an easy task. You have to deal with marketing, operations, sales, customer assistance, and more. While you know your business best, it doesn’t mean that you should do everything on your own. It’s better to delegate each task to a qualified person so you can focus on business growth.

Hire a virtual assistant to take care of different sales tasks:

  • Fill in incomplete lead information⁠ — Send in your leads or give your sales assistant temporary access to your CRM to update leads. They can use any available software and APIs you would like to get data from, such as Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo.
  • Source new leads⁠ — Provide the details on what you’re looking for and your assistant will do the rest of the work with your preferred tools. This is most effective for account-based marketing.
  • Prospect and schedule sales calls ⁠— Leave the legwork to your assistant, whether it’s scheduling demos, pitches, sales pilots, or calls. This way, you can focus on closing deals. They can also handle your campaign schedule according to your preferences.
  • Save money on CRMs ⁠— Let your assistant comb through your leads and pick out bad data. This allows you to keep your CRM plan at a lower price point and focus on marketing to your leads.

Advantages of hiring a virtual sales assistant

A virtual assistant can provide cost-effective results with additional accountability since they are paid by the hour and require minimal management compared to hiring full-time personnel.

1. A tailored solution for your business

When you need a role filled, but hiring a full-time employee would be impractical, virtual assistants are an effective solution. They can provide similar expertise and experience, though on more flexible terms.

Be it sales, digital marketing, human resources, or bookkeeping, there’s a VA who can work within your parameters. You can also choose whether you want your assistant to act as a generalist or a specialist in the business area you’re delegating.

Moreover, good VAs are accustomed to proactive problem-solving, which makes them a good fit for the startup ecosystem. They can work under pressure while still delivering outstanding results.

2. More manageable hiring process

Employing a virtual assistant is easier than getting a full-time worker. By eliminating the restrictions of physical attendance, you can hire from the global talent pool to match your specifications without any additional costs or hassles.

Hire a sales assistant for one project or on an hourly basis easily! Find a freelancer or get matched with one with a virtual assistant company. Just specify your needs and have a VA start immediately. It also shortens the onboarding process since they are already trained and knowledgeable in the field.

3. Boost your business growth

With a flexible and dedicated resource from a remote workforce, get more time to direct your attention to your business growth and improve key performance indicators (KPIs). Let your VA do research for leads, schedule meetings, manage CRM software, organize your lead database, cold calling, and more.

Delegate the legwork to your sales assistant so you can just focus on closing deals. They can also help you set strategies in motion and even lend their expertise in improving the plan.

How Magic can help build your tech startup

Magic Assistant

Start building your company with the help of Magic. Hire a virtual sales assistant to be your Sales Development Representative (SDR) so you can pay more attention to the bigger picture.

Magic can also help in other areas of your business. Scale with us quickly and fill in various roles in your startup with remote workers:

  • Customer Support Assistant ⁠— Get an assistant to handle your customer service backend. Customer support assistants can look up orders, process refunds, and update documentation, so you can shorten your response time and keep clients happy.
  • Digital Marketing Assistant — Convey your company value more effectively to your target audience online. Make the most out of your digital marketing efforts with the help of a marketing assistant who can function as a generalist or specialist.
  • Executive Assistant — Fill the gaps in your workflows and let an executive assistant handle the administrative work, appointment setting, project management, and personal assistance.

Tell us what you need to get done and get matched with the right assistant for your tech startup! Work with your assistant any way you like and yield the best results cost-efficiently.

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