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5 Reasons Why You Should Delegate Business Tasks to Magic

Li Ramos
Li Ramos
May 23, 2022
A business owner delegating a task to a Magic Assistant

As a business owner, delegation is more than just passing off work to someone else. Delegation in business is a sign of leadership and empowers your team.

In delegating as a leader, you should conduct an audit of your tasks. If they are time-consuming, time-sensitive, or something you lack the skills for, assign them to a worker whose skills match what needs to be done for a more productive business operation.

Magic offers a quick and easy way to access virtual assistants who can take work off your plate, especially for hard-to-fill roles and fluctuating workloads.

Here are five reasons to delegate business tasks to a Magic Assistant:

1. It frees up time

Magic has helped me deliver more for my clients because it has freed me up to do my best work.

– Kwame Ulmer, Ulmer Ventures Principal

You can’t and shouldn’t do everything on your own. A Magic Assistant can cross items off your to-do list, such as managing your email and appointments, liaising with people, keeping track of workflows, and more. This way, you can avoid unnecessary stress and concentrate better on what’s important.

Ulmer Ventures, which works in the technical niche of FDA processes and regulations, was able to save time with a virtual assistant who managed the team’s schedules, researched and organized relevant information, and sourced candidates. With effective delegation, Kwame Ulmer and his team were also able to give more attention to their clients, delivering shorter response times and hitting higher sales targets.

2. It boosts productivity and efficiency

Any company that is looking to expand and free up time for people to do more productive tasks [should hire remote assistants].

– Patrick Curley, YachtLife CEO
Delegation creates a strong and happy team

Delegation in business allows you to maximize your team’s efforts for a more productive and efficient workflow. More work done means a potential for greater profit. For example, having time to prepare and implement additional marketing strategies can raise sales.

With long back-and-forths between multiple brokers, yacht chartering can be tedious. However, with the help of Magic, YachtLife was able to boost productivity as the business picked up steam and faced more demand.

While they relied a lot on savvy salesmanship, Patrick Curley and his team benefited greatly from having virtual assistants who attended to administrative and sales work without any onboarding problems.

This enabled them to develop better relationships with clients and create an overall better customer experience. From these improvements, YatchLife was able to book its biggest sale yet.

3. It motivates and builds morale

Honestly, it feels like we have another co-founder, at this point… Every time a new problem comes up, [we ask] ‘Oh can we solve this with Magic?

– Duncan Hamra, Memberstack Co-Founder

While it’s good to trust employees, over delegating can lead to burnout. This demotivates the team and is less likely to put in quality work. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can show that you can support a fulfilling work-life balance and empower employees to reach greater success.

Through Magic, software startup Memberstack found a virtual assistant to delegate business tasks from sorting through and organizing inbound messages by priority to turning raw footage into polished showcase videos.

One week after onboarding, Memberstack’s VA changed up its calendar management and improved its response time and data gathering. Duncan Hamra and his team found hiring a virtual assistant to be a valuable and versatile way to get work done and motivate the team to work harder.

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4. It offers a new perspective and creativity

We’ve invited [a Magic Assistant] to participate in our weekly routine meeting, and so he hears things, and he says, ‘Hmm, there’s an opportunity here for me to improve a process or to do something that nobody’s asking me to do.

– Steven Lewis, The Boost Pad Executive Director

A motivated team encourages initiative and innovation since employees have more time to focus on core functions and pursue personal growth through mentorship or courses. Moreover, a virtual assistant can provide a fresh point of view in performing tasks since they work in different business areas.

When business incubator The Boost Pad hired a virtual assistant through Magic, they were just looking for an executive assistant to manage their streams of information. However, he was able to do more by creating a Slack to Trello platform to track delegated tasks, activities, and meetings.

5. It helps you scale up

Magic helped us take on bigger initiatives… that are really important for our business growth.

– Jeremy Jarman, Truffle Shuffle Head of Marketing

Delegation in business allows you to focus on scaling up your business according to its needs and goals. With Magic, you can get quick and effective results in both talent acquisition and operations. Delegate business tasks to a virtual assistant to grow and support your team at a lower cost. All you need to do is talk to us about what you need and we’ll handle it from there.

As Truffle Shuffle expanded, the workload got bigger as well. With its aim to sell not just food but also experiences, it was critical to attend to its customers well. So, Magic sourced and screened 11 virtual assistants, mostly in sales and customer support, to help manage the company’s growing demand.

With almost a dozen Magic Assistants to delegate business tasks to, Truffle Shuffle was able to ramp up its operations while keeping an eye out for new opportunities. Virtual assistants helped guests with their experience and even made it better. They also support team members in different projects so they can accomplish more and take on newer initiatives.

A Magic Assistant done working on a task

Hassle-free delegation in business with Magic

Effective delegation is the key to a motivated and achieving team that can increase productivity and efficiency in daily operations. With Magic, you can delegate business tasks to a virtual assistant for the benefit of your employees and, in turn, business growth.

A Magic Assistant can perform a roster of roles for easier delegation in business:

  • General Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Digital Creative Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Bookkeeping Assistant
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Project Manager

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant is as easy as chatting or tagging a team member on the business apps you already use through Magic Integration. Get started with Magic and talk to us about how we can help your business grow!

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