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No Time? We Have the Right Personal Assistant for You

No Time? We Have the Right Personal Assistant for You

Business Owner looking for a Personal Assistant

Personal assistants have many and varied talents⁠—but what they all have in common is that they save you time, so you can focus on important things. Because of this, a lot of people think that hiring an assistant is a luxury that only big-shot CEOs or celebrities can afford.

You’d be surprised, however, at how many people actually get PAs, especially with the rise of virtual assistant services that offer affordable and flexible pricing models. After all, even if you can do everything that needs to be done, why should you run yourself into the ground?

What can a personal assistant do for you?

From personal affairs to corporate duties, a personal assistant can accomplish a wide range of tasks for you. Here are the most common tasks you can outsource:

  • Administrative assistance

    The most typical remote assistance is admin support. This includes answering phone calls or emails, managing appointments, preparing documents, keeping track of workflows, and liaising with people, among other ad hoc tasks. With this sort of “corporate concierge,” startup owners and team leaders can focus more time on high-level business functions.

  • Travel and event coordination

    Planning a trip or event can be overwhelming and tiring. Save yourself the stress and exhaustion by having a personal assistant make the arrangements. From researching to planning to booking, they can manage all the details for you. All you need to do is provide the basics: where you’re going, when you’ll be there, and what your budget is.

  • Domestic assistance

    Personal assistant services can help you manage things on the home front, too.  They can arrange for house cleaning and maintenance, manage your family’s schedule and appointments, find household staff, or assist with other personal affairs. This way, you can avoid overworking yourself while staying on top of domestic matters.

How to get virtual assistant services

Magic Assistant at work
Whether you’re looking to grow your team or fill employment gaps with a virtual assistant, it’s important to get the most suitable person for the job. Keep in mind the following tips for finding remote assistance that provides exceptional results:

  1.  Determine your specifications
    Look into your workflow and find which tasks you can delegate to a virtual personal assistant. From there, decide how much of your budget you can allot to the virtual assistant services you want to acquire. You should also take into account how much help you need and for how long.
  2.  Interview wisely
    Learn about the candidates in the hiring process so you can make sure they are right for the job. Ask about their process in achieving a goal. Depending on the position you want to outsource, you can ask for samples of work that demonstrate the skills and traits you are looking for.
  3.  Establish trust
    Most of the time virtual assistant services work with sensitive information such as your personal details, credit card information, and company data. That’s why it’s important to ascertain that your personal assistant is trustworthy.
    One way to do this is to consider candidates from reliable sources such as a personal connection, a referral from a trusted friend, or a virtual assistant company with vetted remote workers and 24/7 customer support.

Other tasks you can outsource

Magic Assistant planning on a project
Virtual assistant services aren’t just limited to secretarial work. Today, you can now free up your time by outsourcing different tasks such as:

Shopping assistance

Shopping can be a great way to destress but there are instances when you don’t have the time to find what you need. Skip long store queues or hours of sifting through online catalogs⁠—get an assistant who can either buy something based on your specifications or look up the best deals for you to choose from.
A VA can order food to be delivered to you, search physical or online stores for commodities (e.g. clothing articles, groceries, specialty products, etc.), purchase and send gifts, and much more.

Specialized roles

Running your own business can be taxing so you’ll need all the help you can get. Find experienced professionals to cover any task without the hassles of hiring a full-time employee. Reduce pressure and focus on your strengths to reach goals quickly and efficiently.
Virtual assistants can be hired to:

  • grow your team,
  • qualify leads,
  • streamline the sales process,
  • manage your accounts and finances, or
  • manage your digital marketing campaigns.

Get things done with a Magic virtual assistant!

Simplify both your personal and professional life with a personal assistant. Magic can match you with the perfect candidate to get work done.
Bypass the hiring process and just tell us what you need to get a team of 24/7 remote workers who can do just about anything! Magic personal assistants are college-educated professionals who have gone through stringent screening and internal training to ensure high-quality outcomes.
Complement your existing team or build an entirely virtual one⁠. Scale your needs accordingly and choose a Magic pricing plan that goes with your budget and preferences.
Get remote assistance instantly and have more time to focus on what matters most. Ask us how Magic can assist you with your personal concerns or help make your business better today!
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