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Magic Basic

  • High quality assistant
  • Fast matching - get an assistant this week
  • Anytime replacement
  • Improved tools - virtual debit cards, to do lists, etc.


  • Top tier 1% assistants
  • Pre-training
  • Daily quality control
  • Account Management
  • Improved task management and quality
  • Improved tools - virtual debit cards, to do lists, etc.
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Magic for Teams

  • Improved remote oversight
  • Integrated team
  • Integrated software
  • Team lead to manage team
  • 24/7 Potential
  • Flexible pricing


Magic Assistant  is a remote hiring service that matches you with remote support based on your business needs. The service starts at USD 10/hr billed weekly with no contract.

  • Find assistant starting at $10/hr
  • No contracts
  • No obligations
  • No set up fees
  • No hidden charges
  • Weekly billing, Cancel anytime
  • Set you up with assistant within 3 days
  • 72-hour assistant replacement

  1. Discovery Call
    We take note of your business needs and requirements
  2. Matching
    We select the candidates that fit your requirements
  3. Candidate Selection
    We provide you with a list of candidates to choose from
  4. Intro Call
    We set you up with a call with your chosen candidate to meet and assess them
  5. If Candidate Is A Good Match
    We will proceed to onboarding so that your assistant can start immediately!
  6. If Candidate Is Not A Good Match
    We will find more options based on your feedback until we match you with the perfect candidate!


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