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How Hiring a Dedicated Assistant can Leverage Business for Startups and SMEs

How Hiring a Dedicated Assistant can Leverage Business for Startups and SMEs

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Establishing a business is a challenge, especially for startups or small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that don’t have a lot of resources to work with. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different aspects to manage, decisions to make, and steps to take. However, thanks to advances in digital technology, it’s easy to hire a dedicated assistant who can help you manage it better and more effectively.

In this article, we’ll discuss how hiring your own dedicated assistant empowers you to enhance business⁠ processes like customer services and cybersecurity to cut on operational costs —and why Magic is the team to call when it comes to providing dedicated support services.

What does a personal assistant do?

A personal assistant can handle a wide array of tasks. These depend on what you want to delegate, such as communication, business development, administrative, marketing, or data entry. A personal assistant can do routine or recurring tasks to give SME and startup owners like you more time to devote to creating better strategies for business success.

Executive Assistant at work

Here are some kinds of dedicated assistants:

  1.  Generalist Personal Assistant
    This virtual secretary or virtual PA can carry out administrative tasks including documentation, data entry, calendar and appointment management, and email response. Tasks can come from different departments such as basic bookkeeping, customer service, and marketing. Virtual personal assistants can adapt to a range of software programs and tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
  2.  Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant
    This personal assistant can handle social media and content management to increase your website’s marketing content and visibility. Alternatively, if you already have someone else handling those, a digital marketing VA can focus more on back-end efforts like enhancing the loading speed of your pages for optimum user experience (UX), resulting in more clicks and longer page views.
    This frees you up to focus on creating better digital marketing strategies to maximize sales. For example, you could ask your personal assistant to create a perfect slide deck to give yourself more time to practice your sales pitches using it.
  3.  Social Media Remote Assistant
    This assistant manages content calendars and your business social media profiles. They also track and report metrics, so you get an overview of your audience engagement. This empowers you to create better marketing plans in response to the metrics so you can optimize your social media and increase conversions and sales.

Are you looking for a specialized personal assistant suitable for your SME or startup business? Check out Magic Dedicated Assistants and let us know what kind of personal assistant you’re looking for. We’ll make sure to provide you with top matches within 72 hours!

What tasks can you delegate to a virtual assistant?

Boost your SME or startup business success by determining which tasks you can delegate to dedicated assistants. This allows more time to focus on your key business functions such as deciding plans, events, and strategies to boost your expansion, visibility, and sales.

Business owner delegating tasks

Here are tasks worth mentioning:

  1.  Administrative Tasks
    Your personal assistant can handle your administrative tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger picture including boosting sales, scaling up to be more competitive in the market, and expanding your business.
    So, feel free to delegate record-keeping, phone and email inquiries, calendar and scheduling management, and post and delivery tracking as personal assistant tasks.
  2.  Dedicated customer service
    Hiring a dedicated assistant to handle your customer support allows your clients to get prompt, personalized solutions to their concerns.
    Be sure to delegate this task to someone with the patience and professionalism to deal with the most difficult and irate customers. A people-first attitude goes a long way towards winning disgruntled clients over and keeping happy ones loyal to your business.
  3.  Cybersecurity Services
    Digital advancement opens doors to the whole world wide web, but it can also expose you to the threat of data breaches and cyber attacks.
    In fact, a 2021 Data Breach Report found a 68% increase in data compromises alone compared to 2020. Without updated security features in place, can you imagine the dangers that could threaten websites, tools, and applications?
    To secure your digital assets, hire expert dedicated assistants to handle your cybersecurity services. This way, you ensure proper monitoring and protecting your website and business from data breaches and cyber attacks, especially to your network, cloud, internet of things (IoT), and overall critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

How to hire a personal assistant?

We acknowledge the importance of finding the perfect small business virtual customer care professional for SME or startup business assistance needs. So, with just one call to discuss things, you can have the top candidates to interview and decide who to hire as your dedicated assistant within three days!
Magic provides you with top candidates matching your specific needs from our pool of remote personal assistants. If you want to hire a dedicated assistant, contact us today!

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