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Hire an Executive Assistant So You Can Focus on Core Business Functions

Hire an Executive Assistant So You Can Focus on Core Business Functions

Hire an Executive Assistant

Gone are the days when startups and SME owners had to handle all aspects of the business themselves. With advancements in remote working, it’s easy to hire a virtual executive assistant to handle minor tasks for you. This way, you can focus on doing what matters most⁠— growing your business.

Startups and SMEs, in particular, stand to benefit from the services of a virtual executive assistant (or a few). This article takes a closer look at how Magic can help you acquire those services smoothly and efficiently.

What is an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant (EA) is generally assigned to senior executives to supervise office duties.  These duties can include managing the executive’s schedules and communications, and other tasks based on the executive’s role in the company.

For a startup or SME, an EA acts like an executive secretary and/or personal assistant. The main difference between these two roles lies in the kind of support they give you. A personal assistant gives expert handling of your family, household, and personal tasks. On the other hand, an executive assistant lends expertise to business-related tasks.

With a lot of work moving online, many duties of an executive assistant can be fulfilled remotely. This has opened up avenues for more flexible⁠—and affordable⁠—remote assistant services to fill the niche. With these changes, hiring virtual assistants for your business isn’t something reserved for just CEOs or top officials anymore.

Startup and SME professionals also have a lot on their hands. So, getting a virtual executive assistant to help lighten your workload is a great option to consider. Check out five common tasks you can outsource to a virtual executive assistant. Plus, discover how you can maximize your business potential when you hire VA services.

What should you look for in an executive assistant?

Magic executive assistant

Serving as your problem solver and the gatekeeper of your office, your EA does more than just administrative tasks. They help you maintain a healthy balance in your familial, professional, and social duties. In effect, they help you become a successful executive.

So, your executive assistant should be trustworthy and show initiative. In addition, your VA should have people skills and should communicate effectively. These characteristics lead to self-confidence and management capabilities.

Here are five specific qualities that you need to look for when hiring your executive assistant:

1. Anticipates needs

A good EA should be able to predict what you’ll need from them and act on it without having to be explicitly instructed. Ensuring that your presentation materials are well prepared and ready for your use.  Or classifying the tasks you need to do first, next, and last. These are just a few of the myriad things your executive assistant does for you. In the end, they allow you to increase your own productivity by removing distractions or tasks that can be done by your EA or reassigned to another.

2. Resourceful and Adaptable

A great executive assistant exercises sound judgment. Your EA should know how and when to respond, react and resolve unexpected problems or issues. For example, when you have an emergency meeting but you’re not in the office. Or there was an unexpected equipment shutdown or your PowerPoint presentation report is not working as expected, etc. They should be able to handle situations similar to these simultaneously with finishing tasks promptly and efficiently.

3. Reflect your values

Your executive assistant should always represent you and your office professionally and positively. As such, attention to detail, great communication skills, and discretion combine to help you make a great impression on top executives and contacts.

4. Tech-savvy

Your executive assistant must be tech-savvy. Collaboration and communication tools like Trello or Slack enable you to assign tasks and help you supervise the progress, especially for complex projects. When choosing your EA, check if they know how to use Excel and Google docs for data entry. Other tech skills include Powerpoint and others that are useful for creating presentations and reporting.

5. Volunteer for special projects while running the office

There are times when your office is required to take on initiatives outside of your department. If you’re too busy to focus on this special project, your executive assistant should be able to step in and help smooth things out. A great EA won’t think any task is too small to handle. So, when your office is tasked with reserving a car for an upcoming function,  your EA should help you coordinate.

What does an executive assistant do for a business?

Executive Secretary

An executive assistant is expected to increase your productivity and help you get positive results. Their duties are a mixture of tasks but are all geared towards helping you become the best version of yourself as an executive or business owner.

Check out some specific tasks that Magic Dedicated Assistants do for their executives.

What tools does a Magic executive assistant use?

Remote working has paved the way for better and more efficient collaboration and communication tools. These are the five tools that an on-demand personal assistant and a Magic executive assistant utilize.

1. Slack

This collaboration tool allows you to organize conversations into channels. These channels allow everyone to share ideas, decide, and endorse finished projects or tasks to you or other departments. Slack aids teams to function better and remain in sync even on the go. For a company composed of various departments and teams, this tool makes a great choice for a well-functioning and running team.

2. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

This tool is the newly revamped G Suite. Google updated it to address the highly distributed nature of remote work and hybrid model. It allows you to get more tasks done in one place by connecting you to relevant people and content in Docs, Slides, and Sheets. A company of various departments and team members can optimize productivity. An example is when a remote team including your executive assistant collaborates on the same file remotely while interacting with others digitally.

3. Calendar

The Google Calendar allows you to share meetings and is easily integrated into Drive, Gmail, Meet, Contacts, and sites. This enables you to check any team member’s availability and schedule meetings quickly. You have customized admin control to boot.

4. Zoom

This is another remote working tool that allows you to touch base with anyone and everyone on your dispersed team. In a single platform, you can do meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chats. Using Zoom, your team can communicate with each other to fast-track processes and projects. It is equipped with Google, Microsoft, Slack, and other app integrations to allow you or your executive assistant to streamline your meetings.

5. Discord

This app makes text chatting, videos, and voice calls so conveniently. It’s also free so millions of people above 13 years old use it to talk or simply hang out with their friends and communities. Users use Discord to talk about almost anything including homework, family outings, projects, and health support to name a few.

How do I hire a Magic Executive Assistant?

Magic knows how busy a startup or SME owner can be. For this reason, we created Magic to address the virtual assistant needs of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. We’ve made the process easy for you. Know the specifics of how to hire a Magic executive assistant here.  Or contact Magic to hire a Magic executive assistant now.

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