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How to Find a Virtual Assistant Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Franchesca Palattao
Franchesca Palattao
July 5, 2022
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Finding a virtual assistant can take a lot of in-depth research and preparation—setting the role description, sourcing candidates, and researching job markets, agencies, and service providers. As always, though, it’s easier if you break it down into individual phases. 

We’ve come up with three easy steps to make your search more efficient:

Define the position

You can find a virtual assistant for just about any task. To narrow down your options, first, identify the tasks you need to outsource. From there, you can tailor the role’s qualifications to what you most need. Below are some things to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

Types of virtual assistants

VAs are generally categorized into two depending on the duties and responsibilities they will be assigned, namely:

typically take on roles that handle non-core business functions, tasks that don’t directly affect a business’s revenue but are critical in keeping its operations streamlined. These tasks tend to be technical and repetitive, such as managing email, scheduling appointments, data entry, and the like. 
With a general VA, you’ll need to show them how these things are done in your company specifically.

On the other hand, have specific skills required for certain processes in your business. Specialized VAs are a good fit for departments that require a certain level of expertise⁠—customer service, digital marketing, bookkeeping, sales, and so on. 
With a specialized VA, you tell them what to do.

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Skills and qualities you should always look for

Whether you’re looking for a general or specialized VA, there are some non-negotiable characteristics the ideal candidate must have, such as:

You’ll be dealing with your VAs almost entirely through chat services and video conferencing apps, so they need the skills to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

Remote work requires the ability to adapt to new software quickly and capably. An effective VA should have a basic understanding of common business-related software and be agile enough to adapt to your preferred tools.

Your VA should be able to manage their own time and prioritize tasks efficiently with little to no direct supervision.

Because VAs typically work from home alone, it can be difficult to stay disciplined and motivated. So, they must be able to complete time-sensitive tasks and requests without compromising quality.

It’s common for clients to delegate tasks such as fact-checking, replying to messages and emails, and the like. Completing these tasks requires VAs to research material and find information to resolve these problems.

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Magic offers a frictionless way to source and qualify the right virtual assistant for your business so you can get things done fast and efficiently.

Post your jobs online

To attract candidates, you have to go where the virtual assistants are. These include online job marketplaces, like Fiverr and Upwork, and anywhere else freelancers gather. This is where contractors typically pitch their work to potential clients and where you can post the tasks you need to outsource as well.

These are three of the most popular freelance websites:

Upwork Fiverr Freelancer
Best for Website design, brand marketing, programming Digital marketing, web development, social media Content translation, social media marketing, web development
Pros Payment protection, budget-based projects Free registration, refunds, diverse categories Consistent customer support, progress tracker
Cons Extensive selection process, expensive service fee High commission charge, confusing platform for beginners Spam applicants, complex interface

However, having wide exposure to many potential candidates can have its own challenges as well. Scouring a large number of applications can eat up your time especially if you’re looking to get the role filled as soon as possible. Having time constraints can also affect the quality of your vetting process.

Outsource from a VA firm

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Unlike freelance marketplaces, most VA firms do the sourcing and hiring for you. The hiring process for each may vary in subscription plans, payment processes, and other internal systems in place. But generally, they have pre-vetted virtual assistants in their roster, making the process more convenient than screening the applicants yourself.

With each over a million VA hours served and awards won, here are a few of the most recognized VA companies:

Key features Pricing
Prialto Familiar with lots of widely used software, all VAs work in offices Plan starts at $1,350/month
WoodBows Flexible payment options, guaranteed expertise Full-time monthly plan starts at $1,399/month
Magic Quick matching process, 24/7 availability, instant and on-demand service Plan starts at $10/hr
Belay U.S.-based, comes with an assigned relationship manager per VA, diverse services Plan typically starts at $38/hr. pricing details given during consultation.

Get Started With Magic

There are a lot of considerations when learning how to find a virtual assistant. Here at Magic, we bear the brunt of the trouble for you. We can match you with a Magic Assistant among our roster of pre-vetted VAs specializing in any of these areas:

Tracking SEO and SEM performance, creating compelling content for Google Ads and social media, assisting in marketing campaigns

Process refunds, positive scripting, update customer support documentation, quality management

Cash flow management, creating financial reports, cross-check financial records and statements

Calendar management, email management, international calls, scheduling meetings and appointments

Data entry, lead sourcing, data analysis, CRM database management

Check out our hiring guide to start your journey with Magic!

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