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Earnings Dashboard

Your payouts can be viewed by going to the Earnings Dashboard in the assistant portal.

Each weekly payout generates at the end of the billing week.

The payout for the week that just finished will be available to view on Friday at 4 pm PHT. Please note, however, that the payout will start to partially generate as early as 11 am.

You may use this dashboard to

  1. View a detailed breakdown of each payout
  2. Know the expected arrival of payment to your Deel account
  3. Browse past payouts (ranging from February 11th, 2022 onward).

Please note that in this current version, pay breakdowns only include plan hours, approved extra hours, and adjustments. Off-cycle adjustments and bonuses may not be included.

The dashboard also does not yet indicate whether or not the payment has already been reflected on Deel.

If you notice a discrepancy between your pay and your hours, please contact us.


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