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5 Reasons Why A Solar Panel Business Needs A Magic Assistant

Franchesca Palattao
Franchesca Palattao
July 4, 2022
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Growing your business may force you to wear many hats. But one person can only do so much in a day. By outsourcing work to Magic, you can focus on scaling your solar panel business more quickly and flexibly.

Here are five ways Magic can help:

Build your remote team

“Every Fortune 500 company should consider [Magic] as a viable long-term, perfect plan for how they could scale their business cost-effectively.”

Starting a solar business is no cheap venture. Because of the high startup costs, the budget allotted to growing your team may be stretched across other things. Magic Assistants can fill in the necessary roles and provide invaluable services to your business without the high cost. We have access to talent all over the globe so that we can find the right fit for you be it in terms of culture, time zones, or expertise. Magic also operates on a per-hour basis. With that flexibility, you can hire a VA for on-demand tasks or for full-time roles.

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Manage administrative tasks

Outsourcing your non-core business functions to an administrative assistant will free up more time for your high-impact projects. A Magic Assistant can perform the following tasks:

Assist with legal paperwork

A Magic Assistant can help you process any licenses and certifications you might need. A VA can track your office and personnel records, manage your books, and handle other documents needed for legal compliance. 

Although not all states require solar licensing, it’s still necessary if you plan to work outside your home state. Oftentimes, you’ll need plumbing and/or an electrician license. Some may also require a specialized solar contractor license.

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Match With a Vetted Virtual Assistant in 72 Hours!

Magic offers a frictionless way to source and qualify the right virtual assistant for your business so you can get things done fast and efficiently.

Solar certifications, although not required, provide a competitive advantage. Becoming certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) shows that you are above baseline standards. With this certification, you can promote customer confidence and may also allow you to operate beyond your home state or municipality.

Support customer service

“We have virtual assistants coming in and helping our guests… and really helping with the experience and making it better.”

Your product isn’t the only way you can differentiate yourself from competitors. Customer service remains a deciding factor in whether someone buys your products instead of someone else’s. Here’s how Magic can help your team ensure a quick and seamless customer experience:

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Handle bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a painstaking process. Although it’s considered a non-core business function, it plays a crucial role in a business’s success. It takes a lot of data entry, reports, and constant double (or triple) checking to manage your books properly. With Magic, you can get things done while also having the flexibility to focus on your core responsibilities.

Below are some of the bookkeeping tasks Magic assistants can do:

When hiring a Magic Assistant, you don’t have to worry about sourcing or screening candidates—we’ll handle everything for you! Hop on a discovery call with us to get started.

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Let’s Grow Your Business

Scale your business at a fraction of the cost with a Magic Assistant. We can help you find a virtual assistant based on what you need in just 72 hours.

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