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Does Remote Work Lead to Happier Employees?

Does Remote Work Lead to Happier Employees?

Our jobs have been radically transformed by remote work. Not only have we switched out the office for the home office, but the way we approach work is fundamentally different. The long commutes and 9-to-5 workdays of yore have been replaced by video conferences and flexible schedules. While many companies struggled with the quick shift to work-from-home arrangements at the beginning of the pandemic, most have now found their footing, reaping benefits such as a widened talent pool, better productivity, and lower overhead costs.

The Case for Remote Work

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into everything we knew about work. Despite this, a recent survey by SurveyMonkey reported an uptick in job satisfaction and employee happiness. Here’s what the survey found:

Happier employees, despite (or because of) the pandemic

38% of workers surveyed reported that they are happier to have their job now than they were before the pandemic—perhaps due to a re-evaluation of their values and expectations during difficult times.

More satisfied workers

57% of remote workers surveyed reported being very satisfied at their job.

SurveyMonkey’s survey echoes a 2019 study by Owl Labs that reported remote workers are happier at their jobs 22% more than those who never work remotely. According to this study, there are four main reasons that employees decided to work remotely:

Better work-life balance

91% of respondents reported having a better work-life balance when working remotely.

Better focus and increased productivity

79% said that working remotely helps them focus better, which leads to increased productivity.

Less stress

78% reported that working remotely leads to less stress.

No commute

78% said that having no commute convinced them to work remotely.

The study also reported that the increased flexibility brought about by working from home meant that employees were more likely to stay at their jobs. Remote workers reported that they are more likely to stay at their jobs for the next five years 13% more than their on-site counterparts.

The Bottom Line on Remote Work

Remote work is the future, and the future of work is now. With more and more companies implementing permanent or long-term remote work policies, it’s looking like remote work is here to stay even after the pandemic ends. Businesses will continue to benefit from the widened talent pool, increased productivity, and lower overhead costs. Employees will enjoy more flexibility and independence brought about by remote work.

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