5 Best Practices for Outbound Sales Calls

Close Deals More Successfully with the 5 Best Practices for Outbound Sales Calls

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
Published: Jul 30, 2022
Last updated: Oct 21, 2022
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Data shows that 82% of buyers agree to meetings with proactive salespeople⁠ and Magic uses the right outbound sales techniques to seize these opportunities.

We stick to the best practices for outbound sales calls while recognizing there’s no one single best outbound sales strategy. We have learned from trial, error, and careful study and your company will see the results in more sales for your business.

Outbound Sales Call Tactics to Consistently Close Deals

1. Cultivate prospective customer’s loyalty over the long run

Best practices include: being helpful, answering questions, helping assess their options fairly, and references to other businesses if needed. Ultimately, you will earn their loyalty with the possibility of referrals.

Apple focuses on building rapport with its customers and restoring confrontations with dissatisfied customers. They aim to pivot any interaction into an enjoyable experience for each customer.  This sales strategy enables Apple to sell at least 17x more than the usual US retailer. It takes $341 for an average retail sales per square foot while Apple’s is more than $6000. Results are seen from their 14-day training program focussing on psychological sales training for its new sales associates.

2. Make the most of referral sales

Referrals and word-of-mouth, especially for outbound sales B2B, prove to be high-quality leads. Each time a deal is successfully closed, your outbound sales associate may take advantage of this opportunity by asking if your customer knows any company or customer who may be interested in your products or services.

With a proper process outlined, your sales agents can easily make such outbound prospecting a valuable part of their routine.

Outbound sales associate talking to a customer

3. Use omnichannel tactics

Supplementing sales calls with a focus on other channels can be highly effective. When following up, use the channel your prospective customers are most receptive to. You can ask your sales representative to send your prospects private messages on social media or send marketing content by email.

Implementing a follow-up schedule is important to relieve possible stress for your prospects. Follow up on the platforms they use for a better chance of connection. Conversion rates rise dramatically with the fifth follow-up and most prospects will need a few follow-ups before they’re ready to buy.

A good outbound sales saas collects prospective customers’ data whenever they subscribe to your newsletters or website proving helpful with qualifying leads, and determining how best to follow up. With your business using omnichannel tactics to get leads coupled with the right sales process, you can expect more conversions and boosted sales.

4. Use calling scripts effectively

Having a strong outbound sales script ensures a degree of consistency prioritizing effective techniques over less useful ones. They also help speed up the sales process.

A standard script provides a ‘control group’ against which you can measure the results of experimental approaches allowing you to support your sales representatives’ strengths and individual performances.

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5. Sale automation is vital

Outbound sales automation helps sales reps do their jobs quickly and efficiently. We’ve listed five automations that can help your sales representatives sell more:


  • Saves outbound callers from having to dial calls that failed to connect and keeps them on the phone ready to talk to available customers. It’s a great way to increase outbound sales calls without straining your sales reps.

Email sequences

  • This allows your outbound sales representatives to reach out or follow up on customers using a series of automated emails so your prospects can be converted into customers.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Outbound sales CRMs are put in place to help you automate adding contact history to all customer entries.

Automated voicemail tools

  • These save time and effort for outbound sales representatives by leaving messages.

Set up sales automation for repetitive and procedural tasks. This can reduce sales costs by speeding up the reporting and administration processes, resulting in automatic outreach to prospective customers in the sales funnel.

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Hire a Magic outbound sales associate to effectively communicate your sales pitches to qualified leads and close deals. We employ various outbound sales techniques while following up on prospective customers’ interest in your product or services. We fine-tune the best practices for outbound sales calls to drive more sales and revenue for your business.

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