Recruiting Assistance On-Demand - Magic Virtual Assistant

Recruiting Assistance On-Demand

Our assistants handle the gruntwork so you can focus on closing candidates.

What we handle

Source new candidates

We find candidates in whatever role you are searching for on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job sites. We do initial reachout to candidates on the given platform, field initial responses, and turn them into scheduled calls. We can manage other lead sourcing contracts as well, if you want to use external services.

Especially useful for companies who may have just raised a round of funding and want to grow their team quickly.

Manage candidates through the funnel

Moving candidates between funnel stages is manual and annoying. Magic can keep your funnel up to date. We integrate with whatever tools you use, whether it’s spreadsheets or professional management tools.

Magic for funnel management is especially useful if you have a high candidate to recruiter ratio and you want to focus on closing deals rather than admin work.

Schedule meetings with candidates

Recruiting involves long days of meetings. There are inevitably cancelations, reschedules, and last-minute meetings. Let Magic handle the minutiae so that you can go from meeting to meeting without having to handle everything.

Magic can fill your schedule to your preferences, e.g. all in-person meetings in the morning and all phone screens in the afternoon. If you need to clear your schedule for an emergency, Magic can send reschedule emails and put the new meetings on your calendar.

Why use Magic?

  • You don’t need to hire a full-time person. You can use Magic as much or as little as you want. Use 150 hours one week and 2 hours the next.
  • You only need to train Magic once. You can scale with us quickly because we are already trained.
  • We are an easy replacement for a recently lost team member. Or you can use us as interim work while you find a full-time person.
  • We are 24/7 and have a 5 minute response time, so we can respond to your prospects in all time zones. Your prospects will think you have a superpower.
  • There is no contract to start.

What you get

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager gets to know you, your needs, and your team. This gives you:

  • Better service
  • Faster service, less knowledge transfer
  • More value per minute, less knowledge transfer
  • Ability to put in complicated requests over the phone
  • A proactive approach to identify and remove your headaches

Priority Service

If your team is under high load from other clients, you will always be first in line.

Centralized account management

Give your entire team access to Magic through a single account. This gives you the ability to:

  • integrate Magic with Slack for your entire team
  • coordinate tasks across team members
  • monitor account usage per team member

Custom billing options

We can customize our billing procedure to whatever you need for taxes, internal reporting, etc.

And all the magic

Plus everything that comes with a regular Magic account (24/7 access, team of 16, etc)

New: Magic Virtual Assistant, starting at $10/hour.

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