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Request Extra Hours

Extra hours should be agreed upon by both you and your client. Let us know you worked extra hours by emailing so we can increase your payout. Include the hours to be added and the reason for doing so. Include a screenshot of the clients’ approval (e.g. by direct message, email, etc.).

To get paid for extra hours, you must let us know before the end of the adjustment period (within 7 days of when your extra hours were worked).

Here’s how to request extra hours:

  1. Clock in using the Time Tracker in the Portal.
  2. Once you have reached your plan’s limits for your weekly hours, then the Time Tracker will automatically give you the option to request extra hours from the client.
  3. Input your desired additional hours for the week.
  4. Magic will send an email with your request to the client on your behalf
  5. Once the client approves the request, the Time Tracker will allow you to clock in the additional hours for the week
  6. Continue to clock in, and Magic will process the extra hours for that billing cycle and will credit the correct amount to your payout


Example case:

You have a client with a plan for 30 hours per week. You log into the Assistant Portal and clock in each time that you make yourself available to work for the client.  On Wednesday, before the billing cycle ends, you’ve reached 30 hours and still need to do more work, and you estimate that you’ll need 10 more hours for the week.  You then:

  • Log into the Assistant Portal; the Time Tracker will display a message that allows you to “Request Extra Hours” from your client.
  • You input 10 hours and the reason so the client will understand
  • The client approves your request for 10 extra hours (they can also reject the request — in this case, you can always reach out to them for an explanation)
  • Log into the Assistant Portal again, and the Time Tracker will now unlock 10 more hours for you to clock in
  • You clock in 3 more hours for the billing week

In this case, your payout for the billing cycle will be 33 hours: the 30 hours on your plan that were clocked in and the 3 extra hours that you clocked in after the client approval.

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