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The basics

At Magic, you only get billed for what you use. Learn more about how to manage your billing.

Add a payment method
Using multiple payment methods
Using Magic as a business expense

Making purchases

Magic will make purchases for you. For example, if you ask Magic to get you lunch, Magic will pay the restaurant or delivery app directly. Before making a purchase, Magic will ask for your confirmation. After you confirm, Magic will charge your card. You pay us exactly what we’ll pay the vendor + a processing fee (2.4% + $0.30). We do not add an additional markup on purchases.

Confirming a purchase
Paying for goods and services yourself

Time spent working

You only pay for the time Magic spends actively working for you. Magic uses software to automatically track the time our team members spend on your tasks. You’ll receive a bill for the time tracked on your tasks each week.

Control how much time Magic spends working
How we track time
What counts as time spent working 

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