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How We Hire

Our hiring process
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    We made our hiring process easy but challenging to ignite your competitive spirit and creativity— the Magic way!

    The process may be different for each role but we’ve listed what you can expect once you kick off your application.

    1. Prequalifying

    You’ll undergo either one of the three:
    Video Interview – Available 24/7, be prepared to record your answers to our customized behavioral or situational questions that give us a glimpse of how well you might fit into your target job. 
    Skills Based – This is a job-specific test to sync your working knowledge and skills that are relevant to the job. (e.g.: a graphic artist showcasing his portfolio, a writer drafting an article, an analyst solving a query) 
    Cognitive Based – These are numerical, comprehension, abstract reasoning, and other similar assessments that are apt for job matching.

    2. Initial Interview

    This is a targeted-selection interview round with a focus on your work history, experience, and behavioral competencies, allowing our certified recruiters to find your suitability with Magic’s culture and dynamics.

    3. 2nd Interview

    Conducted by a subject matter expert (who could be your future direct manager), the discussion will align how successful you can be in the role in terms of the technical requirements and demands of the job.

    4. Final Interview

    If you’re at this stage, you’re one step closer to becoming a Magic teammate! A Department Head will meet with you to check your compatibility and balance with the team and set expectations.

    5. Job Offer

    A reference check may be required before you receive our initial offer but we would be open to discussing your expectations and aligning them with our employment terms.

    6. Onboarding

    Our HR team will work with you to complete a set of pre-employment requirements and get you acclimated to your new workplace.

    Feel free to follow up on the status of your application process with your recruiter or anyone from the team. We are happy to help you through this process.

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