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How Magic Helps Companies Generate Solar Leads

Jacqueline Florida
Jacqueline Florida
July 17, 2022
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Getting high-quality solar leads results in better conversions and more sales. This is especially true for solar companies, given the discerning nature of most of their buyers. By hiring a Magic assistant to help with lead generation, you can get better leads more efficiently. 

A Magic assistant can carry out various marketing campaigns to establish good relationships with your customers through blogs, reviews, and testimonials. They can also create ads and monitor the results of marketing campaigns to determine what produces great results for your business. They can also look into ways to properly implement strategies to find the best way to sell solar panels and solar batteries.

5 Ways to Generate Solar Leads

What are solar leads?

Solar leads are potential buyers⁠—people who are thinking of switching from conventional energy sources to solar power. Solar lead generation allows you to create a list of potential buyers to whom you can send marketing materials and promotions. You can also employ solar marketing strategies to better reach your target market.

How To Get Solar Leads With Your Magic Assistant

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A Magic assistant can take charge of your marketing campaigns including researching where to buy leads. Better yet, they can find possible sources of free solar leads and how to best present them to your market.

Connect with Homeowners

This is a solar direct marketing initiative that can bring you closer to prospective residential solar leads. Have your VA identify local homeowner communities and find out who their leaders are and how to contact them.

To establish a good relationship with them, ask if your business can be listed on their newsletters, websites, or Facebook accounts as a solar expert. You can offer sponsorship for their business during picnics, festivals, concerts, and other get-together instances.

Use Data-Driven Strategies

Data-driven strategies make the most of leads such as when you choose keywords with enough search volume to ensure that there are many people searching for answers or information on them. A Magic assistant can run advertising campaigns targeting keywords like “buy solar panels now”, “solar installation near me”, and “commercial solar panels”. In addition, your VA can generate commercial and residential buying leads from TV commercials, radio ads, landing pages, and others. 

Another way to generate solar leads is to ask your VA to initiate a Facebook or LinkedIn group for those interested in buying solar panels and batteries.  Pending your approval, they can post good advice and answer questions about solar energy. They can establish you as one of the clean energy experts that homeowners can come to for questions and concerns about this niche. As a result, they help you build your credibility and authority.

Have a User-Friendly Website

Build a website that’s easy to navigate, attractive, and shows a definite value proposition. A user-friendly website encourages visitors to explore your pages longer, giving you more time to engage with them and sell your products or services. As more visitors spend their time on your website, search engines detect that and can push your website higher up the search engine results pages.  

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Match With a Vetted Virtual Assistant in 72 Hours!

Magic offers a frictionless way to source and qualify the right virtual assistant for your business so you can get things done fast and efficiently.

According to a 2021 study, slow-loading websites are found to lose around £60 billion per year in the retail industry. This underlines the importance of keeping your website updated so it loads fast and is easy for visitors to navigate. Prioritize its mobile optimization as well because mobile e-commerce brings in as much as 72% of sales.

Share Proof of Work

Proof of work in the form of high-quality images and videos provides honest and actual proof to your customers. Ask your Magic assistant to choose images that look professional. Make sure they check that the background is clean while showing you or your team members working on solar installations or repairs. 

They can also choose images with attractive and realistic backgrounds like the homeowners and commercial customers. 

Have a clear purpose for videos and photo shoots – like showing the lifestyle solar energy can give your customers. If you can use a drone during the shoots, showcase the in-process and finished product of your rooftop solar outputs. Your virtual assistant can also use your installation videos in time-lapses for your promotional solar leads and strategies.

Plus, they can create concise interviews with satisfied businesses and homeowners. These serve as compelling proofs of work for other customers and prospective customers to see on your website or social media accounts.

Extend Your Social Media Reach

Your website serves as the backbone of inbound marketing campaigns. However, marketing campaigns are extended further when you build your online presence on your social media accounts as well.

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Your Magic assistant can research content ranking for keywords like “buy leads for my business” and “buy solar leads”  to see how competitors are creating their social media content. They can then use these as benchmarks to create unique and informative content for your social media.

Your virtual assistant may find more residential customers on Instagram and Facebook, while commercial customers may be reached better via LinkedIn.  Knowing these,  they can create better and more successful platform-specific solar campaigns.

Facebook ads, for example, can target residential customers. After placing ads, your VA can post blogs, testimonials, and videos of your actual work on your Facebook account. They can later share content on local solar news websites and businesses near your target market. Doing these is a great strategy that can help slowly build your brand as an expert and authority on solar information.

Hire a Magic Assistant to Manage your Solar Leads

Solar companies should properly establish their online presence, especially for their local customers. In 2021, residential customers in all states except California grew as much as 30% to an estimated 2800 installments compared to around 2200 installments in 2020. By 2027, this is projected to have around 4200 solar PV installations. This shows that there’s a good solar market even in the future.

A Magic assistant can manage your solar marketing campaigns to increase your presence online. They can also research specific platforms that your solar leads can be found on. This way, they can create ads and promotions to make it more suitable for each platform and have a better reach for your target audience. 

Hiring your Magic assistant is also easy and convenient. With just one discovery call, you can give us the qualifications and we can do the scouting and screening for you.

You can also expect a shortlist of candidates within 72 hours and can choose who to interview among them. Hire a Magic assistant today to help deal with solar leads tasks every day.

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